FIT or Groups

FIT and Groups      ( in Terms & Conditions )                         
Definitions of FIT and Groups are not distinct. Some are saying that 16 and more people, making a reservation of a service, is a Group. And less than 16 can be define as a FIT traveler. These two ways of defining travelers, is prompted by the committments made by the Service Provider. Committments expressed in the Terms & Conditions. When a Group cancel a booking, the replacement with new Clients is not that easy for a Group,compared to smaller numbers of guests making a cancellation. 
Fit can also be an acronym for Frequent Independant Traveler or Free Individual Traveler.

A general interpretation could be:  

FIT = Fully Independant Traveller.
Travellers who independantly organise their own bookings and itinereray. Large familiy can be both a  group and a FIT traveller.

When travel agents or booking agents, makes a reservation for a larger propotion of an operators capacity, it will be considered as a Group Booking.

Please Note
FIT can also be an acronym for Fully Inclusive Tour.