Free Wildlife Training Courses


Wildlife Campus offers our visitors free on-line training courses.

Free On-line courses
-  Big "5"     
-  Elephant: Facts & Fables     
-  Mountain Guiding    
-  Predator Management on Livestock Farms, and   
-  Discovering Wilderness

All the students needs to do, is to register contact details, and the courses will automatically be assigned.

Simply follow the steps:   
Click on and Register (it's free), selecting Safari Lodge as the referrer.
These 5 Courses, will automatically be assigned to your personal account " My Courses"  page.

In addition, have secured a 25 % discount for our visitors, off any other on-line training courses, you may wish to purchase. To take up this offer, simply e-mail, with your login name, and tell Wildlife Campus that you're a Safari Lodge user. 

WildlifeCampus also offers full courses in
1.    Game Ranging  (Field Guiding),
2.    Trails Guiding, 
3.    Animal Tracks & Signs,
4.    Wilderness Navigation,
5.    The Capture, Care & Management of Wildlife,
6.    Predator Management on Livestock Farms,
7.    Geology, Palaeontology & Evolution,
8.    Game Lodge Management,
9.    Game Ranch Economics,
9.    Wildlife  Management,
10.  Human – Wildlife Conflicts,
11.  Birding by Habitat,
12.  Marine Biology for Guides, Divers & Enthusiasts,
13.  Mountain Guiding,
14.  Mammals of the South African Lowveld,
15.  FGASA Exam Preparation
16.  Medically Important Spiders,
17.  Snakes & Reptiles of the Lowveld,
18.  The Behaviour Guide to African Carnivores,
19.  The Behaviour Guide to African Herbivores,
20.  The Behaviour Guide to African Primates,
21.  Hunting Debate,
22.  Astronomy,
23.  Survival,
24.  African Folklore 
25.  The Guides Guide to Guiding.

Please Note    
All our Courses are delivered entirely online, but may be down loaded. We have no set semesters, you may begin any course at anytime. 
If you have any queries, or want more detailed information about our other 25 courses,  please contact us, .