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  Safari Hospitality Management
" - designed, operated and run by industry leaders for future industry leaders… Real life Safari Lodge Exposure "

Safari Lodge School believes in the principle that knowledge is a combination of experience and reflection upon experience. It is a familiarity with a subject or object and includes information, facts, descriptions and skills acquired through experience and education. At Safari Lodge School we refer to knowledge as both a basic theoretical and practical understanding of the Safari Lodge Business. At Safari Lodge School we know that the single most important aspect, the qualification which tops the list and quality industry leaders are looking for the most is EXPERIENCE. Without experience and positive mental attitude which have been described as “second to none” no further progress is possible!

Safari Lodge School combines cognitive processes including reasoning, learning, communication, and association to provide a confident understanding of the industry.

The operation provides a foundation platform for the best combinations of Safari Lodge exposure available in Africa within the one year course period. Three Lodges are incorporated in the practical experience. Students receive their first 4 months of intensive practical training at a 3 Star Game Lodge, they then progress to a 4 Star Game Lodge in the second four months and are again moved to a 5 Star Game Lodge in their final 4 months.

Theoretical Training at Safari Lodge School is offered with academic support through our partnership with The International Hotel School of South Africa. The International Hotel School (IHS) is South Africa’s leading private hospitality management education provider, with an international recognition and status as a leading provider of quality hospitality education. Their mission is to create hospitality excellence through education and training, providing knowledge and skills to globally mobile people passionate about a career in the very diverse hospitality industry.  They are known for a proud record of turning out the highest calibre graduates who have been extensively trained in fully operational environments and are equipped with internationally accepted qualifications.

Activities at any Safari Lodge play a significant role in the tourism operation aspect and can be described as the factor which segments Game Lodge Management from Hotel Management by a quantum margin. Safari Lodge School offers a combination of exposure to the best safari and “big game” activities available in Africa and it is the vision of Safari Lodge School that this coordination of activities at a Safari Lodge is an extremely important function to be well trained and familiar in. Included are Game Drives in open 4 x 4′s, walking safaris, night drives, Elephant Back Safaris, Microlight Safaris, Horse Back Safaris, Day Tours, Airport Transfers, Day Spa treatments and cultural experiences.

This wide product range of Game Lodge Exposure, quality education with international qualifications, and the extreme range of Safari Activities is what set’s Safari Lodge School apart from its competitors. The tremendous value to students in terms of life long lessons is both unique and not obtainable elsewhere.

Personal Trainer / student attention to detail is guaranteed as only 12 students are accommodated per intake.
Students are faced with real life problems and are given opportunities to “problem solve” which are not obtained in most tertiary education facilities. The knowledge gained can be applied to any Lodge, B&B, Guest house, Hotel or hospitality establishment on the globe.

The training is suited and aligned to self-disciplined and self-actualized students who are prepared to form part of a professional team and give everything they have in terms of serving others in a hospitality environment.

It is important to note that Safari Lodge School is by no means a field guide academy or ranger training experience. It is a hospitality course designed around working Safari Lodges and Safari Activity models. It is focused on guest relations and the important roles involved in entertaining clients in a holistic modern conservation environment. The course is suited to students who want get involved in tourism and hospitality as a career in comparison to field guiding or ranger work which is just an important segment of the bigger picture.

If you are looking for field guide training then email us as we can point you in the correct direction and may be in a position to assist with your practical ranger exposure as is required by law.

Our opinion at Safari Lodge School is that conservation through eco-tourism and the concept of bringing out clients both locally and from around the globe with the intention of entertaining them in a safari and big game environment begins with uncompromised guest relations and a commitment to hospitality service excellence. Sure the “big game” experience is of critical significant importance especially at a safari destination but the way clients are treated and the service they get from the team of staff at a specific destination is of even greater importance. Safari Lodge School will leave this life time “stamp” of service commitment to all who partake!