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Q. Game Ranging vs.  Field Guiding ?
A. The term "Game Ranging" has become misunderstood following years of incorrect use. It is actually an historical term implying the physical management of conservation areas. However, it is now used to describe Field Guiding.

Q. What does a Field Guide do?
A. Field Guides are primarily responsible for guiding tourists through conservation areas, either on foot or in vehicles.

Q. Game Ranging and Wildlife Management ?
A. Wildlife Management is essentially the modern term for Game Ranging.

Q. What does a Wildlife Manager do ?
A. The Wildlife Manager is concerned with all the aspects of managing a conservation area. This includes topics such as fire management, suitable game species, game capture and translocation, wildlife diseases and parasites, stocking rates, and the compilation of a wildlife management plan. As a career, a Wildlife Manager is tasked with assessing and analysing conservation areas and developing, designing and implementing strategies according to pre-determined objectives.