Office Rwandais du Tourisme et des Parcs Nationaux   ( ORTPN )




(Rwanda Office of Tourism and National Parks)

ORTPN is a public institution, which was created by Presidential decree in June 1973.The office is a parastatal with administrative and financial autonomy, guided by 6 board members and a chairman. The Board Secretary also serves as the Director General of ORTPN and all board members are appointed by Parliament. It's key mandates are :

National Parks Management and Conservation.
The promotion of Tourism and Cultural Heritage.
The development and management of Sites and Monuments.

Park fees, Government subsidies and grants from partners and donors finance the running of the Office. ORTPN pursues its tasks in close collaboration with its NGO partners and the private sector, in matters of conservation and in promoting tourism.

Given the growing importance of tourism at both National and International levels, the government is currently in the process of restructuring ORTPN in order to encourage a more focused and dynamic approach to Tourism Promotion and Conservation Management.