Best Safari House in Africa 2010

" The Best Safari House in Africa , 2010 "    ( The Good Safari Guide Award, UK )

.“Words failed us as we arrived at the House - it is stunning from an architectural point of view, and the way it is laid out overlooking the water hole makes it hard for you to tear yourself away for a walk/game drive!” Mrs Judy Rylands, UK, December 2010.

Uniquely designed private house for up to eight guests.
-  Four large ensuite bedrooms, massive dining/sitting area.
-  The private chef and house manager will discuss menu planning for the stay.
-  Activities and meals will be designed to suit the individual group requirement.
-  All activities are exclusive to the house guests.
-  Private guide and vehicle.
-  Drives, night drives, walking safaris plus more activities.
-  Open mid March to early January - Seasons & Climate.

House description
We're back and what a success it was! I know exactly where I am going to spend my 50th - with a group 8 friends - on the Luangwa House deck watching elephant, drinking wine! And your golden wedding anniversary - perfect.

As you know I wanted to take the family for a really special holiday and after much internet searching decided on a ten day safari between Luangwa Safari House and Chongwe River House in Zambia. You may have seen a lot of press on these houses when they were first opened in 2006. Clearly there was something new about them - the size, the design, the concept of a totally private house in the bush and somewhere that welcomed families.

As we came around the corner a vast castlesque house appeared! It was huge. You walk through an intriguing 10 foot swing pivoted door into a massive living room. There are no walls to the other side of the house and the open view took my breath away. There were excited shrieks from the kids as they ran from pillar to post - "come and look at the elephants, look at the swimming pool, look at the copper bath - come on Dad!" Then of course the decision on who had which bedroom. They were all different! Two upstairs at tree height with great views and equally lovely rooms downstairs. They had been cleverly designed - marble, local hand painted material, double sinks and showers. Massive beds and views views views everywhere.

Lunch was always served out on the deck - built around some ebony trees and right next to the water hole. The entire lunch was spent looking at the elephants that came to drink and bath - 38 in total. Our hostess, Emma, gave the children a book each full of puzzles, quizzes etc and that kept them quiet for a while and then we were all in the pool - still watching the passing elephants. Mid afternoon tea and cake (more food?) and off we went full of anticipation for the afternoon and night drive. Jacob was our guide - a tall cheerful Zambian of the N'goni tribe. Extremely knowledgeable and fantastic with the kids - he kept their interest going throughout our stay.

The game surpassed my expectation and of course everything was new and exciting for the kids. What did we do? Well - obviously safari drives (in the night as well), some walks, and we crossed a rather Heath Robinson pontoon, visited a village and school where the boys played football (actually a highlight for everyone) and visited the Tribal Textiles factory (a shopping opportunity for Madam!). The food was fresh, healthy and Emma the hostess catered to the children admirably. And above all we had a very special family time - we did not meet a single tourist - everything was private.