Visa Application ( Malawi )

Visa Application

A full valid passport is required for entry into Malawi. For tourist visits, visas are NOT required by citizens of most Commonwealth countries, the USA, most European Union countries and certain other countries. Please check the complete list, and refer to your nearest Malawi diplomatic mission.

Visas are NOT required by nationals of the following countries:

Antigua & Barbuda Ghana Mozambique St Kitts & Nevis
Australia Grenada Namibia St Lucia
Bahamas Guyana Nauru St Vincent & the Grenadines
Bangladesh Iceland Nepal Swaziland
Barbados Ireland Netherlands Sweden
Belgium Israel New Zealand Tanzania
Belize Italy Papua New Guinea Tonga
Botswana Jamaica Portugal Trinidad & Tobago
Brunei Darussalam Japan Samoa (Western) Tuvalu
Canada Kenya San Marino Uganda
Cyprus Kiribati Seychelles United Kingdom
Denmark Lesotho Sierra Leone United States of America
Dominica Luxembourg Singapore Vanuatu
Fiji Madagascar South Africa Zambia
Finland Malaysia South Korea Zimbabwe
France Maldive Islands Solomon Islands 
Gambia Malta Spain 
Germany Mauritius Sri Lanka 

Visa restrictions are subject of changes from time to time. Please make sure you are up to date with the latest requirements. You can contact any of the  Malawian Embassies by clicking here.


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