Traditional Ceremonies in Zambia

Traditional Ceremonies                       
There are more than 20 annual traditional ceremonies in Zambia, manifesting customs, social life, rituals, oral history, material and spiritual culture and if you have the opportunity to attend one, do. They provide a valuable insight to a traditional culture that has been passed down from generation to generation.

The decline of traditional customs and culture has been brought about by the infiltration of the west and western ways and the melting pot of various tribes living in the same areas. There has recently been a realisation of the value of traditions and a conscious effort is being made to preserve them

Most of the ceremonies have a deep meaning, in many cases designed to invoke memories of the transformation from childhood to adulthood. Most tribes in rural areas still practice harmless initiation ceremonies for girls which are generally conducted after puberty. They are intended to help the girls make the transition from childhood to womanhood and prepare them for marriage. Only a few tribes still practice male circumcision initiation ceremonies and those that occur happen in total secrecy.

The open ceremonies that visitors can watch are those that signify ancient times, when new kingdoms were being founded by ancient chiefs and are usually splendid, colourful affairs with much symbolism in their dancing and drumming.

Table of traditional ceremonies                

Livingstone District - Toka Leya Tribe - Lwiindi Ceremony   

Chipata District - Ngoni Tribe - N’cwala Ceremony   

Solwezi District - Kaonde Tribe - Kufukwila Ceremony  
Senanga District - Lozi Tribe - Kuomboka Nalolo Ceremony  
Kalabo District - Lozi Tribe - Kuomboka Libonda Ceremony  

Mbala District - Mambwe / Lungu Tribe - Mutomolo Ceremony   
Kasempa District - Kaonde Tribe - Nsomo Ceremony   
Kabompo District - Luchazi Tribe - Chivweka Ceremony   

Kawambwa District - Lunda Tribe - Umutomboko Ceremony   
Solwezi District - Kaonde Tribe - Kupupa Ceremony   
Solwezi District - Kaonde Tribe - Kunyanta Ntanda Ceremony  
Monze District - Tonga Tribe - Lwindi Gonde Ceremony  
Kaoma District - Nkoya Tribe - Kazanga Ceremony   

Katete District - Chewa Tribe - Kulamba Ceremony   
Mansa District - Ushi Tribe - Makumba Ceremony   
Mungwi District - Bemba Tribe - Ukusefya Pa Ng’wena Ceremony
Luwingu District - Bemba Tribe - Mukulu Pembe Ceremony 
Mwinilunga District - Lunda Tribe - Chisemwa Cha Lunda Ceremony 
Zambezi District - Lunda Tribe - Lunda Lubanza Ceremony  
Mufumbwe District - Kaonde Tribe - Makundu Ceremony   
Zambezi District - Luvale Tribe - Likumbi Lya Mize Ceremony  
Solwezi  District - Kaonde Tribe - Lubinda Ntongo Ceremny  
Kalomo District - Toka Leya Tribe - Lukuni Luzwa Buuka Ceremony  

Mkushi District - Bisa/Swaka/Lala Tribe - Inchibwela Mushi Ceremony   
Mumbwa District - Kaonde Tribe - Musaka/Jikubi Ceremony   
Chienge District - Bwile Tribe - Bwile Ceremony    
Kafue District - Goba Tribe - Kailala Ceremony   
Mpika District - Bisa Tribe - Chinamanongo Ceremony  
Isoka District - Tumbuka Tribe -  Vikamkanimba Ceremony 
Isoka District - Mfungwe Tribe - Chambo Chalutanga Ceremony  
Nakonde District - Namwanga Tribe - Mulasa Ceremony   
Chilubi Island District - Bisa Tribe - Chisaka Chalubombo Ceremony  
Mpika District - Bisa Tribe - Bisa Malaila Ceremony   
Mufumbwe District - Kaonde Tribe - Ntongo Ceremony   
Solwezi District - Lamba Tribe - Kuvuluka Kishakulu Ceremony  

Chibombo District - Lenje Tribe - Kulamba Kubwalo Ceremony  
Mumbwa District - Kaonde/lla Tribe - Likumbi Lyamalumbe Ceremony 
Petauke District - Nsenga Tribe - Tuwimba Ceremony   
Mambwe District - Kunda Tribe - Malaila Ceremony   
Chama District - Tumbuka Tribe - Kwenje Ceremony   
Samfya District - Ng’umbo Tribe - Kwanga Ceremony   
Chienge District - Shila Tribe - Mabila Ceremony   
Kawambwa District - Chishinga Tribe - Chishinga Malaila Ceremony 
Mansa District - Ushi Tribe - Chibuka Ceremony   
Kabompo District - Mbunda Tribe - Lukwakwa Ceremony   
Kabompo District - Mbunda Tribe - Mbunda Liyoyelo Ceremony  
Kalomo District - Tonga Tribe - Chungu Ceremony    
Kalomo District - Tonga Tribe - Maanzi Aabila Lwiindi Ceremony 

Masaiti District - Lamba Tribe - Chabalankata Ceremony   
Mpongwe District - Lamba Tribe - Chitentamo/Nsengele Ceremony  
Luangwa District - Nsenga-Luzi Tribe - Mbambala Ceremony  
Chinyunyu District - Soli Tribe - Chibwela Kumushi Ceremony  
Isoka District - Namwanga Tribe - Ng’ondo Ceremony