National Parks ( Zambia )


Entry into a national park is at your own risk.  However, here are the safety tips and regulations to follow in order to enjoy your visit to any national park in Zambia:

  • Any person entering a national park shall have a valid entry permit issued at the point of entry or at the ZAWA Head Office or Park Headquarters;
  • Entry and Exit from the national park is only permitted at designated entry/exit points;
  • When passing through a national park on a public road, declare at the point of entry and point of exit any firearm, ammunition or explosive in your possession;
  • Entry into or exit from a National Park or leaving a defined area around a lodge or camp within a national park during dark hours is prohibited;
  • Do not alight from a motor vehicle or boat except at a lodge or designated picnic site or bird hide, or except on walking safari;
  • Travelling on a bicycle or motor cycle in a National park is prohibited;
  • Ensure that your vehicle has a very good silencing system or exhaust so as to minimize noise inside the park;
  • Unnecessary sounding of the car horn is prohibited;
  • Off road driving is an offence;
  • Observe the speed limit of 50km/h or any other speed limit;
  • Caravans and trailers are not allowed inside a national park except with written permission from the Director General;
  • Use of a boat is prohibited, except with written permission from the Director General or by way of a permit;
  • Flying an aircraft over a national park is limited to a height of 300m above the ground unless when lawfully landing or taking off from a licensed aerodrome or airfield within a national park;
  • Aircraft landing inside a national park is by written permission from the Director General and upon payment of prescribed landing fees;
  • Except with written permission from the Director General, no person shall erect any building or structure, construct any roads or tracks or carryout any land alteration or improvements inside a national park;
  • Cutting or destroying vegetation inside a national park is an offence;
  • Picnic fires are only allowed at designated picnic or camping sites;
  • Removal of wild animals whether dead or alive, any trophy, vegetation or any object of prehistoric, archaeological, historical or scientific interest from a national park, or from one part of the national park to another, is prohibited;
  • Do not drive away a predator from a kill;
  • Do not feed wild animals;
  • Fishing in a national park without an angling permit is an offence;
  • Commercial photographing and sound recording is permitted with a valid photographing and sound recording license;
  • Playing laud music inside a national park is an offence;
  • Do not chase away or provoke wild animals or cause alarm or annoyance to any wild animals;
  • Avoid littering;
  • Any trading or business inside a national park is with written permission from the Director General;
  • The Wildlife Police Officer within a national park is acting on behalf of the Director General and the state, please obey his lawful instructions;
  • Wildlife Police Officers may mount a road block on any road, please oblige;
  • Any violation of these regulations is tantamount to conviction.



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