Wild Card ZA

What is a Wild Card Programme Membership?      

Wild Card Membership gives you unlimited access to most of Southern Africa’s premier conservation areas, depending on the type of cluster you choose. Membership is valid from date of purchase for 365 days and is available for an individual, couple or family (family: any two adults and up to five children under the age of 18 years). International Wild Card Membership is also available for our international guests.

-  The new Wild Cards are personalised and mailed via registered post - please ensure that all your information is correctly completed upon applying.
-  Your Wild Card confirmation letter plus proof of identification will grant you access until you receive the new card.
-  We apologise for the delay in the issuing of new Wild Cards. 
What are the benefits?
As a member of our new Wild Card Programme, you are entitled to one year's unlimited access to Wild Conservation Partner Parks, Reserves and Resorts (Parks), based on the Cluster and Membership Category selected.

How does it work?
Membership may be purchased here or from applicable Conservation Partner Gates or Receptions. If travelling to the Parks, please ensure to check whether the required Gate or Reception currently sells membership.

Membership purchased at Parks
If membership is purchased at the Parks, you will receive a receipt followed by a confirmation letter, which will be e-mailed to you. Both forms will be valid for 30 days from date of purchase, and may be used during this time with valid Identification, in order to access Parks.

The application process is only complete once you have completed your details here. This must occur within 30 days from date of purchase. Once completed, new members will receive their new Wild Card by registered mail.

Membership Renewal
Existing members will simply be renewing their membership and the new expiry date and cluster details will be electronically uploaded onto your card when next accessing our Parks.

Park: TMNP Access & Activity Permits
Visitors to Table Mountain National Park (TMNP) either pay a Daily Conservation Fee or they may enter with their valid Wild Card or TMNP My Green Card. Valid Activity Permits for special entry still apply e.g. dog walking. Read more.

Terms & Conditions
Wild Card Programme Membership is linked to a primary member, and where applicable to his/her partner and or dependent. Membership may not be transferred and Partner or dependents details may only be altered at the time of annual membership renewal.
Access to the Parks will only be granted if valid identification (ID / Passport) is presented with your new Wild Card or valid proof of membership. Valid proof would include a Receipt, Voucher, Confirmation Letter or Application Completion Request, issued no more than 45 days prior.

Wild Card Programme Membership Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Important Notice – Updating of Membership Information
Please be aware that one of our SANParks Satellite Offices is assisting in the updating of thousands of customer details - they will assist in calling customers requesting information. This is in no way a scam of any kind - just a friendly call to update information.