Passion for Conservation

Stop Rhino Poaching
Limpopo-Lipadi has a zero tolerance approach to Rhino poaching and fully supports the STOP RHINO POACHING campaign

Welcome to Limpopo-Lipadi Game and Wilderness Reserve
There is nowhere like the African bush!

If you have experienced one or more safari holidays to Africa, or your best safari has been on those Botswana vacations to the Okavango, Chobe or Mashatu, you just cannot get the thrill of the sights and sounds of the bush out of your mind, then you have already been infected by the Africa bug!

Well, you are not the only one and we have found the only remedy is to periodically immerse yourself in the raw, pure beauty of the African bush, in a private game reserve where you can enjoy the bush as you like it.

We have a dream...

We would like to see the bio-diversity of the Limpopo Valley in the Tuli Block of Botswana restored to its original state, teeming with wildlife for generations to come.

We would like to become a breeding basket for endangered species such as rhino, wild dog and cheetah in the Tuli and beyond.

We would like to roll up our sleeves and work alongside our local communites to create a reality in the Tuli where man and nature co-exist in harmony.

Sharing the dream... with a special kind of person...

Do you share our passion for nature conservation, preserving both Africa's wildlife and the local community's cultural heritage for generations to come?

Are you looking for a way in which you can be more directly involved with the re-introduction of endangered wildlife species, even if it is only once or twice a year on your game reserve in Africa?

Would you like to leave a legacy and a passion for African wildlife to your children and their children by creating deeper bush experiences which go far beyond a tourist safari? Spending your days walking with rangers, tracking rhino, sleeping overnight in a hide near a waterhole, learning about the hidden secrets of the bush?

Are you ready to move from tourist to part-owner of the 32,450 hectare Limpopo-Lipadi Game and Wilderness Reserve, with 21km Limpopo River frontage to enjoy as you like, when you like? Knowing that even when you are not there your investment is well maintained and managed in your absence?

If these questions create a resounding YES with you,
we would certainly love to invite you to join the Limpopo-Lipadi family as shareholder.