About Us

About Us

My name is Tommy, and I am the Managing Director of Africa.Rec ( Ltd ). The head office of the company is based in Sweden, with developments in South Africa, United States and UK. Now you might think," what does Tommy know about safari and Africa ? " the answer is  " quit a lot ". I have lived in Eastern- and Southern Africa for years, and I have visited most of the National Parks and Conservation Areas. I have been fortunate to survive the white water rafting on Zambezi River, twice and I have climbed Kilimanjaro. Further, I have also organised charter tours around Southern Africa.

Africa.Rec (Ltd ) market it's services under the trading name SafariLodges.com. We invite service providers ( ground operators ) of the safari- and leisure industry in Eastern- and Southern Africa, to come onboard this site, and start market their service. We call SafariLodges.com a communication platform which facilitates direct communication between clients and service providers. Clients can us a Service Account on this site as their privat holiday planning office. 

Important to know is that we are not a travel agent, who charges commissions of 20 % to 35 % of the booking value.
Clients can feel free to make enquiries and bookings without any charges or influence from us at SafariLodges.com. 

Our Objective
" To be perceived as one of the best market places on internet, for the safari- and adventure travelers "

SafariLodges.com must;
• Have a focus on the safari and adventure industry in Eastern- and Southern Africa.
• Be independent, in our relation with the Safari Providers.
• Only promote the service of the original supplier ( ground operator ), No intermediaries.
• Have a Client focus that creates confidence in our service.
• Advertise offer that gives the real African experiences.
• Advertise services that fit all categories of wallets and lifestyle.
• Develop new services, which make a planning and a booking of a safari holiday simpler and more cost effective.

SafariLodges.com does not support nor condone the hunting of animals in any manner or form.

We welcome you to register and activate your Service Account. 

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Kind regards.
Tommy Hemmingsson