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There are two different options of marketing and advertising on, either as Service Provider, or as a Banner Advertiser.

Service Provider gets their service marketed on for free.

Banner Advertiser, will have a clickable banner with a link to the advertisers website.  Advertisers must contact us in advance for a compliance check.

Service Provider 
A few principals and criteria which must be accepted, before any registration can be done:
-  Your service must be in the safari industry or in a close relation. A close relation is a complement to the safari traveler market (hotel, guesthouse, beach resort, adventure operator, travel insurance, etc). Contact us if you have got any queries, and we will sort it out.
-  As a service provider you must have a valid trading license in the country of operation.

-  Your business must be a ground operator, which produces and delivers the service or the product, direct to our clients. Escorted travel groups, are considered as ground operator.

-  No middlemen which only adds costs to the final price for our clients can be accepted. Management Services, handling marketing and / or central booking systems can be accepted on 

- has been developed as a server based solution, which can and will deliver more added values than any other alternative on the market, to our service providers and clients.

Register a Service Account with This service account will be your contact centre and your marketing- and communication tool. After registration of basic contact details, the Service Provider will be contacted and informed that the Service Account has been activated. A Guideline on the content will be sent to the Service Provider. Staff at will assist with the loading of the content. It does not cost anything to open up a Service Account.

-  You don’t have to log in to on a daily basis; an alert mail will link you into your Service Account, when you have an enquiry or a message to respond to. What we expect from you as a Service Provider, is to maintain your account on, with accurate and up to date information, relevant to our visitor. We also expect you to respond to any issue raised by the Client without any delay.

-  The Service Provider will always be the sole responsible for the correctness and accuracy of the presentation of the service, the instructions to the Client and Terms & Conditions for the service booked by the Client. 

-  Every offer from a Service Provider, accepted by a Client, will be printable. It is therefore specifically important with the Terms & Conditions, between the Service Provider and the Client. These Terms and Conditions will be printed together with the booking details, service descriptionmessages and payment instruction. 

-  The individual Client with his or her Contact details is the exclusive property right of  and This right will be shared with the Service Provider, when an offer from the Service Provider has been accepted by the Client. Service Providers who does not respect this exclusive property right will be excluded from this site for a lifetime, unless we at are given an explanation which is acceptable. We at may also instruct the Service Provider to use contact details not yet shared, due to some emergency action needed in the best interest of the Client. All communication between the Service Provider and the Client will be stored for processing and analytics.

Service Providers who circumvents the procedures, by encouraging the opposite side to use a telephone / fax number, Skype address, website or an e-mail address, will be violating the  above property right, if it takes place before this property right is shared. No Service Provider should be afraid of asking for a temporary permission to violate the above rights, as long as it is in the best interest of the Client.    

Free Marketing
Free marketing will be offered to Service Providers, with a minimum standard of service presentation.  

Banner Advertisement has provided space for banner advertising on the site. When somebody clicks on a banner they will leave and enter the site which the banner is linked to.
Your service must be in the safari industry or in a close supporting relation. A close relation is a complement to the safari traveler market (airline, local air charter, hotel, guesthouse, beach resort, diving service, car rental, boat charter, hot air balloon service, adventure operator, travel insurance, medical service, etc). Contact us and we will sort it out. On our banners advertising we do not accept flashing banners or gambling banners or adult banners.

Advertisers interested in banner advertising must contact us first, to enable us to enter a jpg image and / or links

Banners Standard ( The same as Google Standard )
There are two standard sizes, in jpg-format, on
120 pix  X  90 pix ;  which we position in the right hand column. 
170 pix  X  60 pix ;  which we position in the mid section, under the maps.

The banner advertiser will have to develop the banner, in accordance with the above sizes.

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register, or on the Register button to the right, and start entering contact details. After registration and activation of your Service Account, we will guide you through the process.

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