Comments from the Industry

Marketing Travel  ( )
So sorry, but I was looking on the incorrect site!  Yours is up and running and looking absolutely AWESOME!
Thank you!
Kind regards
Mandy Somerville

Ikweta Safari Camp ( Meru National Park, Kenya )
Hi Tommy,
It looks great. Hope you will direct a lot of clients our way soon.
Looking forward to strengthening our partnership with you.

Antrim Villa
  ( Cape Town )
Hope you are well.  My boss is happy :-) 

Thornicroft Lodge                
PS: You have a very helpful website!
Puk Daniels

Maosala Forest Lodge            
I looked at the page. It looks really awesome! Thanks for the good work!
Maria Bester

Sandfontein invites SafariLodges
We at Sandfontein love your website and the concept of SafariLodges. We are confident it would be a great opportunity for Sandfontein Game and Nature Reserve to get on the website.

Marineland Kariba
Thank you very much, l am having a meeting with my bosses on Thursday morning and will explain all this . l have already been on your website and l must admit l like what l saw their.  

Omaha Guest Farm & Estate    
Your page loads quickly, it is informative, andI like your maps !
You've done a good job in my opinion !

Mbamba Beach
Compliments by the way as your web site and info looks great and we would love to e part of it.
Greetings Fabienne

Etotongwe Lodge
Seems to good to pass. You're welcome to include Eotongwe Lodge.