How Do I make an Enquiry?


To make an enquiry please browse our web site for a lodge, hotel, tour or attraction you are interested in.

When you start to navigate this safari portal you can do that, without being registered.

However, we do recommend you to register with us, by opening your personal Service Account.

Contact details are important for us, when you have decided to make your first booking enquiry.

  • Contact detail has to be entered into your personal Service Account.
  • You can open up your personal Service Account under the button REGISTER.
  • When you have registered your name and contact details, you can start to navigate this site again.
  • Your personal data registered in your Service Account, are protected privacy. With username and password.
  • Once you have opened up your Service Account, your contact details will be copied into your consecutive inquires.
  • Every time you make a return visit you are recommended to start with a log in, to open up your personal Service Account.
  • From a logged in status you can navigate the site freely, and send new booking enquiries.
  • In your Service Account, you can monitor the progress of your booking enquiries.