Q & A

Q and A

This page will be completed as we experience anything that needs to be explained on our portal.

Forgotten password?
If you have lost your password, you can always get a new one from a special section under Sign In, called Reset you Password. This lost password section, can be used by registered Clients and registered Service Providers. Your old password will be resettled and a new password will be mailed to you.
Conditions of the roads?
SafariLodges.com does not keep an up to date control of all the roads. The best way to find out is to register with SafariLodges.com. And when you are registered you can combine an inquiry with your concerns. The Service Providers are more up to date with this kind of information.
Where can I find the lowest prices?
SafariLodges.com does not give any preference for any specific Service Provider. Prices can vary a lot depending on a number of factors. You are therefore advised to register as a Client with SafariLodges.com, and to send several booking inquiries to different Service Providers. They will give you an offer and a price.
Payments in advance?
Most Service Providers are asking for an advanced payment, to secure the confirmed booking. It is therefore very important to make sure that you pay according to the conditions stipulated.
Different prices for different residence?
In some countries you might find a triple tier of prices. This is a practice that is slowly faced out in most countries in Southern Africa. Your residence determines which level you belong to. The different levels are local-, regional- and international residence. It is important for you that you have documents, which can confirm your permanent residence. Passport is an acceptable document in this case.
Cancellation fees?
Most Service Providers must plan for their guests well in advance. And when a cancellation of a booking has to be done by the Client, it is often difficult to replace that cancelled booking with a new one. And the Service Provider might have informed other visitors that the service is fully booked and new travelers can not be serviced. It is therefore a common practice among the Service Providers to charge a leveled cancellation fee. The fee varies depending on the closeness of the date for the service to be delivered. Some Service Providers understand the dilemma for the Client, and they offers a lower price next time, to compensate for this cancellation fee.
Seasonal prices?
Remember when you are planning your holiday, that most of the Service Providers uses High- and Low season prices. The low season and the high season varies depending on the country you are planning to visit.
High and Low season?
When there is a low season, the savanna and the bush can be very dry and dusty. Animals are more easy to spot at the waterholes when the flora is preparing for the winter. Opposite, when there is a high season and the vegetation is filled with chlorophyll. Migrating species are back and the activities are starting the cycle all over again.
Medical concerns?
If you have health issues that concerns you. You must consult with your personal medical consultant before you plan your holiday. WHO provides some medical information for your consideration on their web site.
Exchanging money on the street?
Please remember that it is illegal in some countries to change foreign currencies in to the local currency, outside the licensed dealers. The most secure way of changing is to visit a well known bank. Some of the Service Providers are licensed or forced by the law to only accept payments in a foreign currency from non resident travelers. Always keep your exchange slips for any control at the border.
Do not forget to cover up with travel insurances and emergency insurances. The medical service is excellent in some of the countries. To make sure that your holiday is spoiled by uncertainty and concerns you are advised to sort out these issues before your departure. Don't forget to bring your policy or identification of your policy that verified by the medical service provider.