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The TERMS OF USE are applicable to all Visitors and Search Engines who navigate this site, or who are classifying and indexing any information for their own commercial use.

Introduction to SafariLodges.com.
SafariLodges.com is not a travel agent, off-line or on-line. 
SafariLodges.com operates as a direct communication platform between Clients and Service Providers.

who accept and respect the terms of use of this site, are welcome and free to browse SafariLodges.com. We also advice visitors to register as members on SafariLodges.com, which will add to the benefits.

Client - Service Account
A visitor on SafariLodges.com becomes a Client, when he or she register some basic contact details, and activates a membership at SafariLodges.com. No fee has to be paid for the membership, and the service is for free. All Clients which have registered a membership will get a Service Account on SafariLodges.com. The Client can use the Service Account as a planning instrument, which keeps proper order of all communication.To be able to fully benefit from the service offered on this site, it is important with correct and up to date contact details.

At SafariLodges.com we respect the privacy of our Clients, and no contact details will be sold or left out to a third party. 

Service Provider - Service Account
Service Providers must be registered as a member of SafariLodges.com, before they can be allowed to advertise their services and offers on SafariLodges.com. With a registration, the Service Provider can open a Service Account on SafariLodges.com.

Service Account
With activated Service Accounts on both sides, SafariLodges.com can simplify the communication between Service Provider and Clients. The ultimate purpose for this solution is to provide as much of services as possible in the most cost effective way.
Over the Service Accounts it is possible to negotiate special packages. And it is also possible to send multiple enquiries at the same time, to make up for any missing dates. Both Clients and Service Providers will be alerted when a message or offer has been received.
All enquiries with corresponding offers will be matched on one page, which gives a perfect control on the progress of your plan.
All booking details and messages can also be printed out.

The main purpose of this solution is to facilitate and simplify the whole planning and booking process, beginning with research, enquiry, offer and final booking. SafariLodges.com operates like your own home travel agency, where you have perfect control over the whole process. Multiple enquiries can be sent out at the same time, for a lined up tour, or as as cover up for negative responses. Incoming offers will be matched against corrensponding enquiries. A message system enables you to get what information you require from the Service Provider. And all communication will be recorded and attached to your booking details. Whenever a message or an offer is received, an alert will be sent out, which will minimise the workload of follow ups.

The alert service requires complete and upto date contact details, in the Service Account.

Our Clients preferences are superior
Africa.Rec (Ltd) and SafariLodges.com does not give preference to any specific Service Provider, our Client’s preferences has the first priority to us at SafariLodges.com. Each individual Service Provider has the sole responsibility for the accuracy and correctness of its service presentation, on SafariLodges.com.

Payments , Banking details and Credit- or Debit Card details
No payments can be made by the Client to Africa.Rec (Ltd) and SafariLodges.com. Deposits and other payments can only be made directly to the Service Provider, in accordance with the instructions given by the Service Provider, at the end of the booking process. 
Africa.Rec (Ltd) and SafariLodges.com does not accept any payments from a Client. No Banking- or Credit-, Debit Card details from Clients will be required by Africa.Rec (Ltd) and SafariLodges.com. Clients who have been approached by someone, who is asking for these private Banking details or Credit- or Debit Card details, must refuse to leave them out. And report the incidence to the Managment of Africa.Rec (Ltd). The only legitimate receiver of payments are the Service Providers, with whom the Client have made an agreement. Africa.Rec (Ltd) and SafariLodges.com does not accept any responsibility for payments, between the Client and the Service Provider. SafariLodges.com is not and will not, be involved in any cash / payment transaction between the Client and the Service Provider.

Use of SafariLodges.com 
Visitor may only use this site to browse the content, and to make legitimate enquiries, bookings and purchases. And you shall not use SafariLodges.com for any other purposes. SafariLodges.com and the content provided on this portal, may not be copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted or distributed. "Deep-linking”, "embedding “or using "analogy technology” is strictly prohibited. Unauthorized use of SafariLodges.com and / or the materials contained on this site violates applicable copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights and laws.

Editorial Control.
Africa.Rec (Ltd) reserves the right to modify, or withdraw this site or parts of the site, on a temporary basis for maintenance or other improving measures. 
In case of an emergency action or measure, Africa.Rec (Ltd) and its management will not accept any responsibility for consequences, caused by circumstances outside the control of Africa. Rec (Ltd) and its management.
SafariLodges.com will be in a process of perpetual development, and content will change from time to time. You accept these changes, and you also accept that you are not eligible for any compensation, due to access problems, or failure in using the service, or any other problems that are caused by circumstances, beyond Africa.Rec (Ltd’s) and it’s managements control.

Much of the Content on SafariLodges.com has been or is a contribution from various countries, with different standard of English. Readers should therefor be aware of these differences in the spelling of words.

Management of SafariLodges.com and Africa.Rec (Ltd) do not accept any responsibility for details on the maps, which are not accurate. However, it is our ambition to make sure that any misrepresentation on a map is corrected whenever it comes to our knowledge and attention. At SafariLodges.com, we always recommend travellers to buy proper road maps from well recognised publishers.


Privacy Policy
Our visitor’s privacy is of the highest priority, for the management of Africa.Rec (Ltd) and SafariLodges.com.
Collection and Use of Private Information.
SafariLodges.com and Africa.Rec (Ltd) is the sole owner of the information collected on this portal. The management of Africa.Rec (Ltd) will not sell, share, or rent out any private information to any third party. SafariLodges.com collects information from our user at different places on our server and our solution, for the ultimate purpose of further improvement of our service. 
During registration, a user is required to enter a few basic contact details. This information is used to contact the user about the services on our site, for which the visitor has expressed an interest. The Clients might also be informed about special offers, or such information that might be relevant for our Clients.
No Spy ware is up-loaded by SafariLodges.com.
SafariLodges.com does not upload any spyware or malware on our visitor’s computer.

Third Party Websites and Links.
SafariLodges.com might contain links to other third party sites. Please, be aware that we at SafariLodges.com or Africa.Rec (Ltd) can not be made responsible for the Privacy practices of such sites. We encourage our users to be aware, and to read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Conditions of each and every new site, when leaving SafarLodges.com. Management of Africa.Rec (Ltd) will not accept any responsibility for the linking websites content or practicing. Once a visitor has left this site SafariLodges.com, a new partnership has been established, for which Africa.Rec (Ltd) or its management can not be made responsible.

From time to time, we at SafariLodges.com might request for opinions and informations from our users, via poll stations or surveys. Participation in a surveys or a poll stations is a volunteer choice. Users can therefore opt-out at any time. However keep in mind that your opinion matters to us at SafariLodges.com.

Surveys may include:
• Contact details
• Demographic information
• Users preferences
• Opinions about service standard

Survey information is collected for the monitoring and improvment of our service at SafariLodges.com. Further, we are also interested in getting feedbacks on the service delivered by our Service Providers. Clients who enters an opinion about a Service Provider, must be helpful, enlightening, constructive and fair.

If a visitor/user elects to use our referral service, informing a friend about our safari site, we ask about the friend's name and e-mail address. SafariLodges.com will automatically send the friend an e-mail invitation to SafariLodges.com. SafariLodges.com stores this information for the sole purpose of sending promotional e-mails, of our services. The friend may contact SafariLodges.com at any time and opt-out from this promotional activities.

SafariLodges.com takes every precaution to protect our user's private information. Visitors are advised to not leave out any banking details or credit / debit cards details on this site. Fishing of information is a common cyber crime today. Bogus and fraudulent people might ask you for sensitive information, like your security codes. Never ever leave out these details over internet. If you feel that you have to, we recommend the use of fax, as this is a closed connection between two ends, not like internet open for the rest of the world.
The most secure way of making payment, is to use wire transfer from your bank, to the recipients bank. It might be inconvenient, but on the other hand you can be more focused on your holiday.

Abusive language in the Message box.
All traffic on internet is screened and filtered by forces, outside SafariLodges.com control. Visitors are therefore advised to avoid using abusive or discriminatory word or expression that has political, religious, ethnical, sexual or racial connotations. Should any visitor feel abused or discriminated due to the above connotations, kindly contact management at SafariLodges.com. Any such information which is public on this site will be removed as soon as it is possible at our own discretion. SafariLodges.com and Africa.Rec (Ltd) can not be made responsible for any such use of language, we have no control over.

Review of conditions.
Africa.Rec (Ltd) reserves the right to review and change the conditions from time to time. Subsequent use of this portal or parts of it, following such change shall be deemed to be accepted by the user. It is the user’s sole responsibility to be updated on any changes of the conditions on this site. If you do not agree to any of the changes or to the Conditions, then you must immediately stop using SafariLodges.com and its services.

Laws and jurisdiction.
The above conditions will be exclusively governed by and construed in accordance with the law of Sweden, who's Courts will have exclusive jurisdiction in any dispute, Africa.Rec (Ltd) and its management have the right, at our sole discretion, to commence and pursue proceedings in alternative jurisdictions.
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