Open Afrika
OPEN AFRICA Is a pan-African collaborative movement. The vision is to link the splendours of Africa in a network of job creating conservation-oriented tourism routes from the Cape to Cairo. So this is about tourism, but not tourism in the ordinary sense. Operated by local people within the framework of a system provided by Open Africa, these routes will take you to places that you will otherwise not see… •Authentic places •Mostly away from the crowds •Where you can reconnect with nature •Meet the people in Africa and •Share their experiences and stories The network already has 55 routes in six Southern Africa countries, in which there are 1906 participants employing more than 20 000 people.
Africa Now
Internetshop with focus on marketing of contemporary African Design and Fair Trade. A visit to the site is highly recommended, as the quality of the products are of high standard. Products produced by under privilaged people and recycled materials. You will be impressed over the final results which comes out from a milk container or streetwires. Or any other materials we are holding in our hands every day, without even reflecting over the beauty that can be created.
WLC - Wildlife Campus
WildlifeCampus offers full courses in: Game Ranging (Field Guiding), Trails Guiding, Animal Tracks & Signs, Wilderness Navigation, The Capture, Care & Management of Wildlife, Predator Management on Livestock Farms, Geology, Palaeontology & Evolution, Game Lodge Management, Game Ranch Economics, Wildlife Management, Human – Wildlife Conflicts, Birding by Habitat, Marine Biology for Guides, Divers & Enthusiasts, Mountain Guiding, Mammals of the South African Lowveld, FGASA Exam Preparation, Medically Important Spiders, Snakes & Reptiles of the Lowveld, The Behaviour Guide to African Carnivores, The Behaviour Guide to African Herbivores, The Behaviour Guide to African Primates, Hunting Debate, Astronomy, Survival, African Folklore, The Big “5” and The Guides Guide to Guiding.