Etotongwe Lodge and Camping Rates from N$ 340
Hotel Style Lodge Accommodation / Camping
Outside Etosha near Outjo, Namibia
Excellent location for sleeping outside Etosha and only a 45 minute drive to Etosha. Hands on service and all the staff are friendly and welcoming.
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Owned and Managed by Almarie, Francois & Nico Theart
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Omaha Guest Farm & Estate
Experience the warm hospitality and tranquil setting of Omaha Guest Farm situated at the base of Mt Etjo. Omaha is conveniently located 2 hours North / West of Windhoek en route to a number of Namibia's primary tourism destinations: Etosha and Waterberg National Parks, Damaraland, Bushmanland, Kavango Region and the Caprivi Strip. “Omaha” in the Herero language means "the place where one can live".
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