Nkwali Safari River Camp - Rates from USD 350
The chalets are large, cool and spacious, with a great view of the river. The front of the room is open during the day and then closed by a grill doors at night. The ensuite bathroom has double sinks and showers, which are open to the skies during the dry season. The bar area, right on the edge of the Luangwa banks, is built around a huge ebony tree with fantastic views of the river and across to the park. The open deck is wonderful for moonlit dinners. The dining room is a simple thatched structure, by the lagoon but we rarely eat meals there - they are served under the trees by the lagoon or the river, on the deck, or in the bush!
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Nsefu Safari Camp - Rates from USD 425
The view of the river is superb and includes a terraced area where game grazes during the day. The bar and sitting room, tucked in beside a huge extinct termite mound, overlooks a waterhole that is very productive for game, especially leopard at night. Any animal that enjoys mud spends many hours there - wallowing warthogs and buffalo are frequent visitors and of course many families of elephant will come down to drink and bath. The common antelope are seen throughout the day and are a feature of the camp. All this can be seen from the comfortable armchairs of the close by sitting area.
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Flatdogs Camp - Rates from USD 35
At Flatdogs we pride ourselves on offering accommodation to rival the up-market lodges, at a fraction of the cost. Our accommodation options include luxurious chalet rooms, our Jackal-Berry Tree House, Ensuite Safari Tents and an excellent camp site, with plenty of space for private campers. Camping is possible until 30th June and then is closed until 1st November.
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Kaingo Camp
Kaingo and Mwamba Camp are deep inside the park– far from the busy Mfuwe area. This section of the park is bound by national park on both sides of the river. The sheer abundance of game around these two camps is testament to the lack of human interference.
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Kalamu Lagoon Camp - Package from ± USD 2,900 - 4 nights
Kalamu Lagoon Camp, lies on a beautiful permanent lagoon just off the Luangwa River in the remote Luamfwa area in the southern section of South Luangwa National Park. Abounding with wildlife, South Luangwa is one of the most spectacular conservation areas in all Africa.
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