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We would like to welcome you to our special Lodge, uniquely situated high above the Zambezi River Gorge just downstream of the Victoria Falls, with dramatic views that are sure to take your breath away! Welcome to the Gorges Lodge, Victoria Falls. The attraction of Gorges Lodge lies in its stunning views and proximity to the legendary Victoria Falls and its rainforest which is rich in bird life, butterflies and wild flowers, as well as several tame bushbuck, baboons and vervet monkeys. Built on the edge of Batoka gorge just outside of of the town, Gorges Lodge is the ideal place to stay.


Double-story Luxury Charlet
You can enjoy one of six single or four double-story luxury chalets each of which is set amongst beautifully landscaped gardens which includes a swimming pool, and is equipped with everything you need to enjoy your stay.

The beautifully furnished chalets are set up into two double and 8 twin rooms with ceiling fans, stocked with bar fridge, shower, bath, flush toilet and hot and cold running water.

Every chalet has its own private verandah with a unique view of the gorge and the mighty Zambezi river 200 meters below.

The main building comprises a lounge, dining room and bar area, tastefully decorated and comfortably welcoming.

We take pride in our cuisine at Gorges. Breakfast includes a continental buffet as well as a cooked English breakfast. For lunch we offer an extensive light menu whilst a magnificent three course dinner meal is served every night.

Activities  ( * Activities included in our  " All Inclusive Rate " )

Victoria Falls and the Rainforest
A definite must for all visitors to the area! View the magnificent Victoria Falls and its rainforest from Livingstone’s statue to the treacherous boiling point. The forest is rich in bird life, butterflies and wild flowers as well as several resident bushbuck, baboons and vervet monkeys.

Champagne Cruise (Sundowner Cruise) *
A relaxing and splendid way to see the mighty Zambezi River with its magnificent sunsets above the Victoria Falls. Enjoy hot and cold snacks while sipping cocktails from the deck of a guided river boat.

Village Tour
Visit an authentic traditional village and participate in some of the actual real-life daily activities.

Activites Traditional Dancing *
See & photograph up to 75 dancers and musicians performing nightly at the Victoria Falls Craft Village.

Game Drive in the Zambezi National Park
A 2-3 hour game drive with a professional guide through the African bush in an open safari vehicle. Travel through the riverine vegetation along the Zambezi river or drive through the grassland vlei of Chamabonda.

Night Game Drive
Drive through the eerie African bush at night when the predators start moving around. Again, you will have a professional guide in an open safari vehicle.

Horseback Riding
View wildlife and the African bush on horse back. This provides an excellent opportunity to closely approach some wildlife since the animals are more at ease with the horses.

White Water Rafting

For the adventure seeker. Raft down the fast water of the mighty Zambezi River. Below the Falls a series of rapids dot this otherwise tranquil river, some of which are class 5 rapids.

Bungi Jumping
Only for the brave hearted! Jump off the 110 meter high bridge(with dual safety harnesses) that links Zimbabwe with Zambia. This activity is restricted to those in good health, 14 years or older weighing less than 140 kilograms.

Flight of Angels - Fixed Wing - Chopper
View the Victoria Falls and all its splendor from a bird’s eye view in a small aircraft or chopper.

Inquire to the possibilities as there are several canoeing trips from the Botswana border to Victoria Falls town above the Falls. Options include a wine route, wildlife trails and white water canoeing.

Ultralight or Microlight
View Victoria Falls in a private, light, low-noise aircraft. All aircraft take only one passenger so you receive personal attention from your pilot.

River Boarding
Surf the grade 5 Zambezi River on individual boogie boards. * Activities included in our 'All-Inclusive Rate'.


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