Guludo Beach Lodge - Rates from USD 255

The lodge has been designed by award-winning architects, Cullum & Nightingale, to ingeniously blended luxury with a mix of traditional and contemporary styles and with the highest of environmental and social integrity. Each of our Bandas (rooms) has been carefully designed so you can watch the sun spectacularly rise over neighbouring Rolas Island through bleary eyes from the comfort of your own, extravagant king-sized bed. We offer 4 types of accommodation; Adobe Bandas, Tented Bandas, Family Banda and Zala Suite.

Adobe Bandas    
" The large double doors and window create a natural fusion of the in and outdoor spaces and a feeling of openness .
Our beautiful adobe bandas have been hand-built by a local workforce and design by award-winning architects Cullum & Nightingale; combining the best of traditional techniques with clever design features and eco-technology to provide the ultimate in barefoot luxury. "
Each banda is just footsteps from the beach.

Family Suite " Our beautiful family banda has been designed specifically with families in mind ."
Guludo is a great place for families to escape today's hectic life while getting back to nature and enjoying some quality family time.
Guludo's long, safe, gently sloping beach is the perfect playground for children of all ages. There is plenty to keep a family busy, with most families staying 1 to 2 weeks and endless opportunities for children to interact with local children and gain an insight into local life.  

Zala Suite 
" This really is the epitome of barefoot luxury that offers just that little more indulgence. "
Ideal for honeymoons or couples on a romantic holiday, the Zala Suite is set at the end of the lodge, ensuring maximum privacy and space. 
Similar to the Adobe banda, it has all the same great design features and layout, but you also get a private central courtyard for completely secluded sun-bathing during the day and a romantic candle-lit open air star bed at night. Across the covered walk-way from the bedroom which encloses the courtyard is the lounge, a large, simply decorated space; ideal for lazing with a book on the sumptous cushions in the heat of the day. The mezzanine level provides a cosy snug, where you can relax any time of day, with a glass of wine and your loved one.

Tented Bandas  " The beauty of our popular, award-winning tents lies in their openness.
Our bespoke tents will be unlike any other you may have stayed in. E
nabling guests to be safe inside a spacious, stylishly furnished tent while feeling as if they were actually outside, able to watching the moon or sun rise over the sea and hear all the intriguing noises of the African bush. The spacious tented bandas give breathtaking panoramic views through their netted walls. The raised bedrooms sit under an expansive palm-thatched roof, opening upwards and outwards to make the most of cooling sea breeze. The rooms are furnished with beautifully designed furniture inspired by the irregular shadows made by the tall palms overhead. In each tent is either an extravagant king-sized bed or two generous twin beds. Each tent has a quirky alfresco bathroom with one of our famous "loos with a view" over looking Guludo's breath-taking beach. 

Honeymoons  ...... " where better to start married life? "......
Guludo's endless, deserted white sand beach is the perfect setting for a honeymoon, anniversary or romantic getaway.
All our beautiful bandas are just footsteps from the beach, generously spaced to ensure complete privacy and dazzling views over the beach and Indian Ocean. Along with the special honeymoon offer there are also many complementary touches to make your honeymoon just a little more special, including;

-  A celebratory bottle of bubbly,
-  Candle-lit dinner on your private veranda,
-  A private sunset sail on our dhow,
-  A "bush bouquet" in your banda on arrival,
-  Romantic, secluded picnics (on request).

It is easy to see why Guludo is becoming an increasingly popular honeymoon destination.We promise to make your honeymoon as memorable and special as we can.  

The natural surroundings of Guludo are spectacular, with so much to discover both under water and on land.
The essence of Guludo is relaxation,  ...whether that's on a dive drifting over the magnificent reef, watching a humpback whale teach its calf how to fin slap, walking through the village, or playing a game of traditional bau. Whatever the activity you’ll be sure to feel relaxed and refreshed when you finally decide on that much needed hammock time.

Scuba Diving, PADI Dive Courses, Cruise to Rolas Island and Ibo Island, Bush Lookout, Village Trip, Sunset Sail, Whale Watching, Family Activities, Beach Archery, Village Fotball, Pangane Beach.

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Price Range and Payments RATES
Tented Bandas USD 255
Adobe Bandas USD 295
Adobe Suite USD 355

Tented Bandas USD 295
Adobe Bandas USD 345
Adobe Suite USD 395
*Peak: Aug and 16 Dec to 09 Jan inclusive.

All rates are per person per night (pppn) in USD.
Family Suite charged at Adobe Banda rate for a min of 3 people.

TRANSFERS: Guests 1 2 3 4 5+
Road [Pemba] USD 125, USD 75, USD 65, USD 55, USD 50.
Sea/Air [Pemba] USD 190, USD 150, USD 145, USD 140, USD 140.
Ibo USD 160, USD 100, USD 90, USD 80, USD 70.
Matemo USD 75, USD 50, USD 45, USD 40, USD 35.

- Children under the age of 3 are free
- Children age 3-11 50% discount
- Children 12-15 25% discount
- Transfers charged at full rate

Each Enquiry will be responded to with an offer or a decline message. An offer which has been accepted by the traveler will be printable, together with the payment instruction. Please, make sure a booking confirmation is always received after payments are fully made.
Services Included in the Price INCLUDED
- Accommodation
- All meals.
- Tea & Coffee
- Many Activities.
- Laundry

- Transfer
- Park Entrance Fee.
- Beverage
- Motorised Activities.
How to get to us. FLIGHTS TO PEMBA
Guludo is situated in Northern Mozambique, 80km north of Pemba as the crow flies. Pemba is the nearest international airport with 3 main routes (schedules below).

Many independent travelers to Guludo book their long haul flights online with their chosen airline (see links below). To book your flight to Pemba you can also book online with LAM at and SA Airlink at You can also book these flights through the following agents:

Flight Centre
Daniel Porter can organise all international, LAM and SA Airlink flights, UK +44(0)870 499 4560.

LAM Portugal
Nuno Felix can organise LAM flights,, (cc, +351 21 780 39 10.

Fast Track
Offices in Dar es Salaam, Nairobi and South Africa. Sukaina, (cc, Kenya +254 20 2212952, S.A. +27114613289.

Here are the current flight schedules to Pemba Airport, the LAM schedule runs from April to October 2009.

Our recommended route due to favourable connection times and flexibility. Jo’burg airport is a large, international airport with daily direct night flights from London and many European capital cities. The most popular airlines from Britain are British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and South African Airlines. There are two airlines linking Jo’burg and Pemba; SA Airlink and LAM (both can be booked online).

Wednesday Dep. Jo’burg 0840 (arrive 1310) Dep. Pemba 1230 (arrive 1830) LAM
Dep. Jo'burg 0925 (arrive 1215) Dep. Pemba 1245 (arrive 1540 SA Airlink
Friday Dep. Jo’burg 0840 (arrive 1310) Dep. Pemba 1230 (arrive 1830) LAM
Saturday Dep. Jo’burg 1030 (arrive 1230) Dep. Pemba 1415 (arrive 1740) SA Airlink
Sunday Dep. Jo’burg 0840 (arrive 1310) Dep. Pemba 1230 (arrive 1830) LAM

The most popular airlines flying into Nairobi are British Airways, Kenya Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Swiss. LAM is the only airline that flies from Nairobi to Pemba. Normally this is the cheapest route to Pemba from Europe.

Tuesday: Dep. Nairobi 1430 (arrive 1540) Dep. Pemba 1030 (arrive 1340)
Saturday: Dep. Nairobi 1430 (arrive 1540) Dep. Pemba 1030 (arrive 1340)

The most popular airlines flying into Nairobi are British Airways, Emirates and Swiss. LAM is the only airline that flies from Tanzania to Pemba.

Wednesday: Dep. Dar 1620 (arrive 1630) Dep. Pemba 1135 (arrive 1345)
Sunday: Dep. Dar 1620 (arrive 1630) Dep. Pemba 1135 (arrive 1345)

Best for travelling through Portugal. Air Portugal (TAP) fly direct from Lisbon, Portugal to Maputo. LAM flies from Maputo to Pemba daily.

Dep. Maputo 0800 (arrive 1220)
Dep. Pemba 1250 (arrive 1610)

Dep. Maputo 0730 (arrive 1000)
Dep. Pemba 1630 (arrive 1900)

Dep. Maputo 0730 (arrive1105)
Dep. Pemba 1350 (arrive 1620)

Dep. Maputo 1040 (arrive1310) Dep. Pemba 1710 (arrive 2045)
Dep. Pemba 1725 (arrive 2050)
Dep. Maputo 1700 (arrive1930)
Dep. Pemba 2000 (arrive 2335)

Dep. Maputo 1040 (arrive1310)
Dep. Pemba 1350 (arrive 1620)

Dep. Pemba 2105 (arrive 2335)

Dep. Maputo 0730 (arrive1000) Dep. Pemba 1630 (arrive 1900)
Dep. Maputo 0730 (arrive1105) Dep. Pemba 1350 (arrive 1620)

Dep. Maputo 1040 (arrive1310) Dep. Pemba 1710 (arrive 2045)

There are two options to get to Guludo from Pemba; by road or a short flight to a neighbouring island. Either way a member of the team will meet and greet you at the airport.

The journey takes you through the Quirimbas National Park- the scenery is spectacular, taking in standalone granite mountains, lush African bush, and many villages, taking betwen 3 and 3.5 hours, depending how many times you wish to stop. The wildlife is easy to spot with guests regularly spotting unique birdlife, owls, baboons, monkeys, and some guests have even spotted lions, wild dog, and elephants. A road transfer costs $75 per person each way.

We can arrange a short flight to Matemo Island opposite Guludo and from there we can pick you up in our boat. This transfer takes about 45 minutes in travel time and is a great way to see the stunning coastline from above.This air and sea transfer costs $180 per person each way.

We can also arrange transfers to and from various lodges or regions in Mozambique, please contact us for more details.

* The latest a transfer can be completed is 16h00 as the sun sets early in Mozambique. Should your flight be arriving after this time, an overnight in Pemba is recommended. We can assist you in finding a suitable place to stay.
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Recommendations WHAT TO PACK
We recommend you bring with you sun cream, mosquito repellent, long trousers for the evenings, sunglasses, a hat, camera and swim gear. You may want a light cardigan or long-sleeved shirt for the evenings, although it is quite balmy.

We do provide everyone with ecologically-friendly soaps and shampoos, but please feel free to bring your own favourite toiletries. We provide towels and a complimentary laundry service. Lastly, some people like to bring along their own torch or headlamp for evenings, although we do provide all guests with torches.

Our PADI dive centre is fully equipped with any equipment needed for snorkelling and diving. If you have your own, you are welcome to bring these along but it isn't necessary.

Remember to organise your travel insurance before leaving.

Mozambique’s currency is meticais (MTn). The currency exchange rates are generally:

$1 USD = 25 MTn
£1 Sterling = 40 MTn

Obtaining meticais outside Mozambique can be challenging and is not essential. We generally advise guests to carry USD of varying denominations and if you would like meticais then there is a cash machine at the airport.

Activities, drinks, and any local crafts can all be paid for in the lodge at the end of your stay in USD or credit card (excluding AmEx and Diners Club) with a 3.5% surcharge.

All international visitors require a tourist visa for entry into Mozambique, except for South African citizens who need just 2 clean pages in their passport for re-entry into South Africa. For those who need a visa, you may get this upon your first entry point into Mozambique. Fees include: your visa $26 and a stamp duty $3.

Most Guludo guests simply get their visa on arrival at Pemba Airport without any problem.

Airport taxes should be included in the cost of your plane ticket to Pemba. If you are travelling via Dar Es Salaam or Nairobi and would like to leave the airport transit and tourist visas are available to purchase at the airport, paid in USD. We always advise guests to carry small denominations as change at immigration is always hard to come by!

Should you be arriving into Pemba International Airport, you will have given us your time of arrival and there will be a friendly face from Guludo Beach Lodge’s Pemba team to greet you. Once you are through the customs area and into the luggage lounge, there will be somebody (most likely Zu) with a Guludo Beach Lodge sign there to greet you. Please note that we can also assist you while checking into your departure flight at Pemba Airport. There is no luggage scan, so airport security check through your personal effects. We will be sure to see you off safely. Any problems at all at the airport then please call Zu or Aby on +258 82 7234470 or +44207 127 4727.

Should you be staying at another accommodation choice in the area the night prior to arriving at Guludo, please organise a pick up time with us prior to departing for your holiday. We will also confirm this time with you through your accommodation 24 hours prior to your transfer to Guludo Beach Lodge.
High / Low Seasons CLIMATE
Whatever time of the year you have chosen to visit Guludo, you will be happy to know that Guludo is in the tropics with sunny days and fresher evenings all year round.

Guludo is in northern Mozambique where the climate is tropical with two seasons: the “dry season” from April to late December and the “green season” from late December to March.

The dry season is very pleasant. It is hot to very hot in the day with pleasant warm yet fresh evenings. In the month of July and August some people wear a light jumper in the evenings.

Daytime temperatures vary from 22-32C and seawater 25-30C.

The green season is hotter with a higher humidity, however every day is sunny. It does not rain every day as the name of the season may suggest, and sometimes a week or so can pass without any rain at all. The rains do not last for long, with rainy episodes in the form of intense but brief showers, usually occurring at night. Diving is excellent at this time of year with warm, calm waters and excellent visibility.
Facilities Available VISA Card is acceptable.
Public Services Nearby Swimming pool is available.
Regional Map
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About Us

The dream
Our idea was to create an innovative and sustainable model to relieve poverty and protect the environment. The result was Guludo Beach Lodge and its associated charity, Nema Foundation.

Donating 5% of its income to the charity, the lodge maximises the benefits to the local area whilst the charity, Nema Foundation implements a wide array of community and conservation projects. Although in its infancy, this model has since become an award-winning and internationally applauded strategy for addressing extreme rural poverty and environmental degradation. Neal and Amy also founded Bespoke Experience which owns Guludo Beach Lodge.

Guludo is part of a larger model set up to relieve poverty and protect the environment.

The Power of a Dream
Guludo was set up by Amy and Neal Carter-James, a young English couple who passionately believed that a quality tourism product could be a powerful tool to enable poor, rural communities to work their way out of poverty. Mozambique was the chosen as the location, despite neither of them having previously been, simply because of it's fantastic tourism potential alongside extreme rural poverty; a place they believe they could have maximum impact and bring most benefits. The dream started to be realised in late 2002 during a moonlit community meeting in Guludo village, when their response to our question "would you like to work with us to realise this dream" was a resounding " yes, when can you start?"

Now, the dream really has been realised, although there is still plenty of work to be done.The journey so far certainly has been eventful to say the least. If you're ever in Guludo with Neal and Amy you may hear some of the unbelievable adventures that have led to the success of Guludo Beach Lodge.

The Future
Inspired by the people living in the Guludo area, Guludo Beach Lodge is just the beginning. Like many entrepreneurs, ideas are always abound and you never quite know what's just around the corner in their quest of using business to relieve poverty... watch this space!

Nema Foundation was established by the owners of Guludo Beach Lodge to work in the areas around the lodge to achieve their charitable goals.
Nema currently works with 12 communities around Guludo, approximately 15,000 people. Some of Nema's current activities and achievements thus far include;

- Feeding 550 children one nutritious school meal every day.
- Providing clean water for over 12,000 people from 29 water points.
- Providing over 4,400 mosquito nets to mothers of young children.
- Currently fund 79 Secondary School Scholars.  

Nema Foundation is UK registered charity (no. 1113131) which uses a holistic approach in enabling communities to tackle all aspects that keep them locked into poverty. Nema works in 5 main areas; health, water, education, enterprise and environment.

More about the NEMA FOUNDATION does not collect any funds from donors, please make sure you get in contact with the NEMA Foundation directly.


Terms & Conditions

Between Guludo Beach Lodge and the booking Client.

1. This document describes the terms and conditions under which Bespoke Experience Limited (referred to as Bespoke) will provide you with accommodation at one of its community-based tourism lodges and access to its activities. By making your deposit you will be accepting these Terms and Conditions for yourself and on behalf of all members of your group.

2. Air travel: Bespoke is not responsible in any way for your travel to the country in which your holiday will take place. Your booking form will state the name of the location at which you will be met (referred to as the “meeting point” in this document). Bespoke's responsibilities commence when our representative meets you at the meeting point, the location from which you will be transported to Guludo Beach Lodge.

3. Insurance: You are responsible for taking out comprehensive travel and medical insurance (including dive cover if required) to cover all members of your party for the duration of your holiday. This should include insurance to pay for your holiday if for any reason you or a member of your group does not arrive at the Meeting Point, and also to cover any cancellation fees and losses of money or property during your holiday.

4. Bookings: Details of Bespoke holidays and prices can be found on the internet at (Although every effort will be made to guarantee the price stated in the booking form, prices may be subject to change, especially in the event of alteration in currency exchange or if the holiday is booked more than 12 months in advance.) If you have any doubts about the suitability of your chosen holiday, you should email or phone Bespoke to discuss it. Booking and paying for your holiday is done in three stages:

A Provisional Reservation: You may make a Provisional Reservation via the web site, via email or over the phone. Once Bespoke has accepted your reservation, Bespoke will hold this reservation for you for three days or for such other period agreed with you in writing. At the end of this period the reservation will be cancelled unless the deposit has been paid.

Paying the deposit and Getting a Firm Booking: A contract between you and Bespoke (incorporating these Terms and Conditions) exists when Bespoke receives and accepts your deposit of 25% of the total price due for all the members of your party within the specified provisional reservation period. Within 14 days of receipt of your deposit we will send to you confirmation of your firm booking and a receipt for your deposit and an invoice for the outstanding balance and when it is due. We will also send to you details of your holiday: you should check these carefully. When you send your deposit you confirm that you accept these terms and conditions. Please note that the deposit is not refundable.
When you book your holiday less than 60 days before your holiday start date, you must pay the full amount to secure your booking.

Paying the Balance Due: The balance of your holiday cost must be paid 60 days before you are due to start your holiday. If you fail to make this payment, Bespoke has the right to cancel your booking.

Cancellation: Cancellations must be made in writing and received by us before the departure date. If you have to cancel your holiday after paying for it, the amount refunded to you depends upon the cancellation date:

•More than 60 days before arrival 25% cancellation charge (i.e. total deposit)
•60 days or less before arrival 50% cancellation charge
•30 days or less before arrival 100% cancellation charge
5. A request for any special requirements must be made in writing (preferably by e-mail) and when we are able to offer the requested service, we will confirm this in writing. We cannot always guarantee special requirements, and without such written confirmation Bespoke has no obligation to fulfil your request. If you wish to amend the booking after the contract is formed, we will try to meet your request, but will be under no obligation to do so.

6. Guests under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by a person over the age of 18 years.

7. Refunds and Compensation: In common with most other resort managers, we are not able to pay compensation where services cannot be provided, and the limit of our liability in all cases is the cost of your holiday. Where we are unable to provide services, which have been paid for either because they are inclusive within the price paid or because they have been paid for in addition to the holiday price, an appropriate refund will be made. Bespoke limit the amount for any claim of whatever kind that does not involve personal injury, illness or death to a maximum of the price paid by or on behalf of the persons affected.

8. Holiday cancellation by Bespoke: A full refund will be paid to you if for any reason it is necessary for Bespoke to cancel your holiday and Bespoke is unable to offer an acceptable alternative.

9. Accuracy of Web Site and Brochure Details: It is possible that some facilities may not be available due to weather or other local problems. Where we know about this in advance we will do our best to inform you before you arrive. Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information we provide, we cannot accept responsibility for any errors or omissions and reserve the right to vary, amend or cancel any of the arrangements featured, should we find such alterations necessary. As we always have your safety in mind, we and our staff are to have complete discretion to vary or cancel diving/sports programmes according to weather conditions and the experience of group members.

10. Claims against Bespoke: Bespoke and its suppliers' obligations to you are to provide you with services and facilities with reasonable skill and care. It is your responsibility to show that reasonable skill and care have not been used if you decide to make a claim against Bespoke.
Bespoke will not be responsible for claims for illness, death, injury or loss resulting from;

(a) the fault of the persons affected or members of their party or

(b) the fault of a third party, which could not reasonably be predicted or avoided or

(c) an event which could not have been avoided or predicted using all reasonable care or

(d) the fault of anyone not working for Bespoke or

(e) any activity not forming part of the Bespoke contract with you.

Claims will be based upon services and facilities contracted to you by Bespoke which are carried out under the laws and regulations of the country in which your claim or complaint occurred even if these laws and regulations differ from those in the UK.
Travel on Bespoke's vehicles and boats is covered by Bespoke's third party and vehicle insurance.

11. Your Responsibility: Everyone on a Bespoke holiday deserves an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. We may end your holiday if a senior member of our resort staff believes that your actions could be unsafe or dangerous, or upset other guests, our suppliers or our own staff. This means that you could be prevented from using your accommodation or Bespoke transport. If this occurs Bespoke will not pay you any refund or compensation and will not refund any expenses you incur as a result.

12. If you are not satisfied with your holiday you must inform the resort management immediately so that we can do everything possible to rectify the problem. If you are still not satisfied you must send your complaint in writing to Bespoke within 14 days from your agreed return date home.

13. Your contract with Bespoke is governed by English law. Any dispute will be dealt with by the courts of England and Wales or by the courts of Northern Ireland or Scotland if you live in those countries.

Payment and Cancellation Policy
- Full payment is required 60 days prior to arrival.
- 25% cancellation charge if cancelled more than 60 days before arrival.
- 50% cancellation charge if cancelled 60 days or less before arrival.
- 100% cancellation charge if cancelled 30 days or less before arrival.
- No refund will be given to guests for late arrivals or leaving prior to booked departure date.
- 3.5% commission applicable to all payments made by credit card.

Africa.Rec AB and with it´s affiliated domain names, only facilitates communication and contacts between Service Providers and Client. Africa.Rec AB and with affiliated domain names, will not accept any responsibility, for any payment or dispute, between the above Service Provider ( and its booking agent ) and the Client.
Terms and Conditions may change over time. Make sure you get the latest up date version of the Terms and Conditions, before making any payment of deposit.

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