Mara Timbo Tented Camp - Rates from USD 160

Luxury Tented Camp
Luxury Mara Timbo Camp with only seven cosy bush suites is under German management and situated in worlds famous Masai Mara, known for its great density and variety of wildlife. We offer highest comfort and private safari experiences in the midst of the bush. The property is located directly at Mara River which allows fantastic views at two big hippo families living in the water in front of the camp.

The cosy 45 m2 luxury bush suites reflect the colours of Masai Mara and are equipped with noble furniture, a king size bed, ensuite bathroom with shower, hot water, flushing toilet and AC-power. The spacious terrace has a low bed, a swing, a dining table for private candlelight dinner and an outer bathtub where you can relax, watching the hippos during daytime or at night, laying under the stars.
Our cuisine tops normal Safari standards by far, is internationally orientated and specialized in Italian, Asian and African meals. You always have the choice between three menus with three courses, one of them vegetarian. You dine in the bush under the open African sky in a very romantic setting at the fireplace directly to the river bank.
Enjoy exciting safaris which we offer only in comfortable Landcruisers with an open panoramic roof, so that every guest can take perfect pictures of wildlife and nature. After your Safari a relaxing professional massage is waiting for you in our Massage Tree House. A 10 min welcome massage is included.
During the massage you can watch the hippos in the river.

Spectacular night game drives: Adventure in the moonshine.
Nature Walk with Masai guides through the bush: Learn how to read fauna and footprints as well as bow and arrow shooting.
Time tunnel: Experience Masai culture at a Masai village.
Breathtaking Balloon-Safaris: Enjoy a tranquil and smooth flight only a couple of meters above herds of elephants, zebras and antelopes.

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Price Range and Payments There are several options, depending on mode of transport. The rates varies for Resident and Non Residents.
ASPPPN = Adult Sharing Per Person Per Night

From USD 200 - to USD 253 ASPPPN Residents
From USD 238 - to USD 380 ASPPPN Non Resident

From USD 160 - to USD 213 ASPPPN Resident
From USD 187 - to USD 320 ASPPPN Non Resident

Return flight Nairobi - Masai Mara ( Kichwa Tembo )
From USD 640 - to USD 794 ASPPPN Resident
From USD 751 - to USD 1,035 ASPPPN Non Resident

Return flight Mombasa - Masai Mara
From USD 830 - to USD 1,021 ASPPPN Resident
From USD 960 - to USD 1,244 ASPPPN Non Resident

Adults USD 60 PPPN
Children 70 % of Adult Rates.

Don't forget to ask for Last Minute Special Offers

Visit to a Masai Village USD 35 per person
Nature Walk USD 25 per person
Night Game Drive USD 42 per person

25 minutes USD 32 per prson
Full Body Massage USD 435 per person

BALLOON FLIGHT USD 435 per person

Each Enquiry will be responded to with an offer or a decline message. An offer which has been accepted by the traveler will be printable, together with the payment instruction. Please, make sure a booking confirmation is always received after payments are fully made.
Services Included in the Price INCLUDED

Full board accommodation ( breakfast, lunch, dinner ).
Personalized butler service.
2 Shared Game Drives per day.
Transfer to / from Kichwa Tembo Airstrip in Masai Mara.
10 minutes welcome massage.

Full board accommodation ( breakfast, lunch, dinner ).
Personalized butler service.
10 minutes welcome massage.

Return flight Nairobi - Masai Mara
Full board accommodation ( breakfast, lunch, dinner ).
2 Shared Game Drives per day.
Transfer to / from Kichwa Tembo Airstrip.
Personalized butler service.
10 minutes welcome massage.

Return flight Mombasa - Masai Mara
Full board accommodatio ( breakfast, lunch, dinner ).
2 Shared Game Drive per day.
Transfer to / from Kichwa Tembo Airstrip
Personalized butler service.
10 minutes welcome massage.
Kenya is a warm destination.
Light cotton - tops and trousers / shorts in summer.
Light shoes, open shoes is not recommended for the bush.
Long - sleeved blouses / shirts for game drives, which will protect you from mosquitoes and the sun.
Safari trousers, jeans or casual pants for evenings and cooler days.
A fleece or a sweater is required for those cool winter evenings and mornings.
A hat or a cap, sunglasses and sunscreen ( a tanning lotion with a high protection factor ).
Camera film, extra memory cards, batteries ( items difficult to find in Kenya )
Binoculares for the game drive and walking safaris.
High / Low Seasons CLIMATE SEASONS
Summer: December - March
Winter: July - August.
February - March is the hottest time of the year, and July and August is the coolest.The long rains starts in April and continues to June, and the short rains beginns in November and ends in December. The rain does not fall the whole season, it only appear for a few hours.

20 th December - 31 st December High Season
1 st January - 31 st March Mid Season
1 st April - 31 st May Green Season
1 st June - 15 th July Mid Season
16 th July - 31 st October High Season
1 st November - 19 th December Mid Season
Facilities Available Binocular available on tours. Extra Bed can be organized on request. Families are welcome. Game Drive can be booked. Master Card is accepted. Mosquito Net is available. No Mobil Connection in the area. Not Accessable for Disabled Guests Safe Box for valuables is available. VISA Card is acceptable.
Public Services Nearby Hospital or Clinic is available. Local or Private Airstrip is available.
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About Us

The MARA TIMBO CAMP is situated in the world-famous Masai Mara and is with its seven luxury tents definitely a first class camp. The camp with a personal butler for every tent and exquisite kitchen is owned and managed by the former „TV-Lady” Michaela Papke, who used to be a host in RTL-Morning Show and later for „Die Redaktion“ on RTL 2 and her husband Klaus, who also worked in the TV-business as a producer.

The couple got stuck after a 6 week safari in January 2007 through Kenya simply because the country and the people were so impressive. “The safari was dreamlike and the lodges in which we stayed on the trip were beautiful“, Klaus remembers, “after half of the trip we did not only ask our driver to stop for zebras and lions anymore but also for wood and stones to find out about prices for building a camp.” Everything with their TV-production MediaWork TV in Germany was working out well though. "We didn´t have a single reason to give it all up!" Michaela says, "but Kenya just put its spell on us!"

The two found the perfect location for their camp in the world-famous Masai Mara. People who love animals got the chance to see the so called “Big-Five” not far from the camp. Besides the Elephants, Rhinos, buffalos leopards and the lions on can also watch the impressing migration of the wildebeests from the beginning of July. Then more than 1,2 millions (!) of wildebeests and many zebras and antelopes migrate from Tansania to gras in the Masai Mara, where hungry crocodiles are waiting for them in the Mara River.

Below the hills, where the movie "Out of Africa" was made, the Wilkens found an area of 200.000qm and decided to give the luxury camp the name "MARA TIMBO CAMP". "After our little son Tim", Michaela explains. "Back then we didn´t know that ´Tembo` was the Swahili word for ´Elephant`. Now we always have to explain to our guests that the name of our camp is not just a spelling mistake!"

The building process of the camp was already an adventure on its own. "It´s not like just going to the shop next door to buy wood, screws and cement!” Klaus remembers. "Michaela and I designed everything and then had to find somebody to make it for us because it was impossible to find a place in Kenya that had the furniture, the duvet covers and the curtains we wanted. So it happend that all the interior things of the luxury tents, all the beds, the sideboards, the tables, desks, the curtains and even the duvet covers and pillowcases were made in the house we rented in Nairobi. For three month there were 35 carpenters and 4 tailors working on all the things.", Klaus remembers.

The Wilkens devided the certain tasks. While Klaus was in the bush as an architect and the manager of the building process to tell the people what they had to do, Michaela was buying the building-material in the weirdest places in Nairobi and was therefore responsible for the transport of the hardware as well.

In only three month of building between October and December 2007 the two Germans were able to put their camp in the bush of the Masai Mara. "We wanted to open the camp in the first week of January 2008 and we already had bookings fort hat but then the elections came up and everything changed“, Michaela sighs. Nobody expected the riots in Kenya especially not the Kenyans. The country set an example for economy in the whole of east-Africa with growing rates especially in tourism. And the need of places for tourists to stay on their safaris in the Masai Mara was much higher then the ones that were really there.

So they postponed the opening of the Timbo Camps to the end of July. "Since then we already had many guests from Germany, the UK and the USA“, says Michaela proudly, "and the feedback to our camp is overwhelming. To be so close to the river and therefore the hippos, our friendly female personal butlers and the food are getting a lot of compliments already.“


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