Mara Plain Camp

Mara Plains' guests can game drive throughout all the main areas within the Mara eco-system - including the Masai Mara Reserve and its two prime neighbouring private conservancies - the Olare Orok Conservancy and the Mara North Conservancy. These two conservancies total over 100,000 acres and Mara Plains is the only camp that can game drive in the park and within both these two private conservancies.

Tented Luxury Camp

Mara Plains is one of the smallest and most personal camps in the Mara region with only 6 rooms. Mara Plains is a quality tented camp with large rooms under canvas, each with their own veranda and en-suite facilities. Mara Plains offers an all in tariff that includes your accommodation, meals, drinks (including alcoholic) and activities.Mara Plains has flexible meal times with no routine - centred on what is happening out in the field.
Mara Plains Camp is a small, high quality, six-roomed camp under canvas and on raised decks with sweeping views across Kenya’s notable savannahs. It is among the smallest and most personal camps in the Mara region. As one of just three camps currently operating within the Conservancy, which boasts the region’s lowest vehicle density, no mini-buses and only one guest room per 700 acres. It is possible to avoid the high tourist density of the Masai Mara Game Reserve proper, if desired.  

The camp has superb guides - amongst the best in all of Kenya, operating only 4x4 Landcruisers, with a maximum of four or possibly (but very rarely) five guests per vehicle.The location of the camp is at centre of many predator territories. Rarely does a night go by without the roaring of lions nearby.Game drives on the Olare Orok Conservancy get you away from all mini-buses and experience the Mara's lowest density, high-quality game viewing, a rare privilege in the Mara.

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About Us

About Great Plains and Conservation Tourism
The story of Great Plains Conservation... What brought this all about? Over the past decades we have agonisingly witnessed how much of the world's majestic and symbolic wildlife, parks and wildernesses have come under increasing threat despite all the conservation efforts to protect them. These species and their habitats are being poached, hunted, developed, mined, polluted, used and abused at an alarming rate. Today, often as a result of expanding population pressure, these rare places are valued less, not more; protected less, not more. In order to secure a future for the planet's last remaining wildernesses, these threats must stop; and alternative, bold, sustainable conservation models must be created - those that integrate communities, Government and the private sector.

Five individuals in their 50s pooled their wide ranging skills and experience to create innovative, world-class conservation projects in a number of diverse and threatened habitats throughout Africa, the Indian Ocean and eventually in India. The world's citizens must make a choice - "where to from here?" We believe there can only be one goal - saving some of the last great, iconic, and wild places of the world.

This is the mission: to find the right formula between conservation, communities and commerce. Great Plains Conservation's model takes stressed and threatened environments, surrounds them with compassionate protection and intelligent management.

Great Plains Conservation is an initiative to help curb this downward spiral of our threatened natural world by being proactive today, and by applying what we know best. This is the development of a sound conservation model, which is sustainably funded by a blend of sensitive, low volume, low impact tourism, frequently coupled with the sale of carbon credits and in some cases with the sale of a small number of villas or bush-homes. Together, these private sector initiatives create the capital needed to help fund the overall conservation initiatives. Our primary ambition is to create of a number of flagship, or "gold standard" conservation programs in areas that previously have been deemed unsalvageable. Our hope is that these conservation initiatives will become successful, sustainable and inspire others around the world to replicate the model.

You may ask then, "What is the difference between Great Plains Conservation and other companies which promulgate ecotourism?" Most ecotourism companies are primarily travel companies that sometimes carry out conservation initiatives to help sustain their ecotourism operations. In contrast, Great Plains Conservation is foremost a conservation organisation, which operates ecotourism to maintain conservation as a sustainable land use alternative. In short, in order for conservation to be that preferred land use, there must be an economic driver, which provides reliable benefits for surrounding rural communities and government.

We introduce you to Conservation Tourism.
Meet the Great Plains Team 

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