The Boma

"An essentially African experience not to be missed. The Boma is a celebration of the continents tastes, vibrant song, dance & time-honoured customs." So prepare yourself for a nights feast of fabulous food and cultural entertainment.
No one can leave Victoria Falls without first visiting " The Boma ".

The Boma
A cultural experience that bombards the senses!  Prepare for a nights feast of fabulous food and cultural entertainment at The Boma - Place of Eating, in Victoria Falls.

The Menu - Traditional Delicacy
The Boma specializes in a superb selection of traditional Zimbabwean dishes. We offer four courses combining an array of starters with a barbeque buffet. Adventurous paletts are enticed with local delicacies such as warthog steaks and game stews. Dare to sample such ethnic treats as deep fried Kapenta and Mopani worms.
The Boma is open for dinner from 19h00. We highly recommend that you are seated by 19h15 for an evening filled with entertainment. Guests are welcomed with a traditional greeting in the local languages, Shona and Ndebele. The guests are then dressed in ‘chitenges’ (traditional robes) and prepared to enter the main enclosure. They are invited to take part in a hand washing ceremony before sampling traditional beer and snacks, as a prelude to dinner.

Entertainment - Traditional Dancers
A feast of nightly entertainment incorporates Amakwezi traditional dancers, a local story teller and a witchdoctor. After dinner, guests are invited to join in the drumming extravaganza from 21h00. This is the highlight of the evening and all are invited to participate in the drumming and dancing show with our renowned drummers - Amazulu. 

Reservation, Capacity and Dress Code                                                            
Advance reservations are necessary and we advise that you book for The Boma when booking your Victoria Falls itinerary. The restaurant seats 300 in the dry season (April to October) and 230 in the rainy season (Novembe to March). Exclusive use of The Boma can be arranged, based on a minimum of 230 guests.

Dress casually in light clothing in the summer months from September to April and warm clothing during the winter months from May to August.

Tel:          +263-13-43211-20
Skype:     Julie


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