Zambia  " The Real Africa "                               
Zambia is probably most famous for it's mining industry, national parks and Zambezi river. Victoria Falls, the greatest waterfall in the world, is shared between Zambia and Zimbabwe. Further down streams the Zambezi river, you will find Lake Kariba, a man made lake. Lodges and Camps are based on the river beds and the lake shores, with a wonderful sun set view. Zambia also has a huge population of different species of birds. In the North-Eastern part of the country we have Luangwa valley and river. Luangwa is a popular National Park with wonderful lodges along the river. 

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General Information                                 
Zambia you will meet the traditional Africa with lots of villages, which maintains the traditional heritage. The country is governed by the Parliament and the House of Chiefs. It is unthinkable to leave out the traditional leaders from the development of the country. A vast area in the country is managed by a chief, who takes part in the protection of wildlife. Tourists interested in learning more about the African way of living, should absolutely visit the country. Zambia have a long tradition of safaris and wildlife conservations. And Dr David Livingstone with his entourage has crossed the country all the down to the South and the famous Victoria Falls.

Passports and Visa's
A valid passport is required for entry into Zambia and Visa fees payable are $50 single entry and $80 double entry for all citizens excluding SADC citizens who enter no charge.

Official name:
Republic of Zambia


Parliament:  National Assembly   150 seats

National day: 24 October  ( Independence day 1964 )

National Anthem: Stand up and sing of
Zambia, Proud and Free.

Motto:  One
Zambia, One Nation

Administrative areas: 9 Provinces and 52 Districts.

Language:English  ( Official ); Indigenous languages ; Bemba,
Nyanja, Tonga and Lozi.

Currency: 1  Zambian Kwacha ( ZMK )  = 100 Ngwee

Notes 20, 50, 100, 500, 1,000, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000 ZMK
Coins     1, 5 and 10 ZMK  ;  25 and 50 Ngwee

Population: 11,500,000

Ethnic groups: 40 % Bemba; 20 % Maravi; 15 %
Tonga; 9 % Others;  8 % Barotze

Religion: 27 % Protestant; 25 % Traditional; 21 % Roman Catholic; 9 % African Christian

Rivers : Zambezi, Luangwa,
Kafue and many more seasonal rivers.

Bangweulu, Lukanga and
Kafue. Excellent bird watching.

Lakes: Kariba, Bangwelu, Mweru,
Mweru Wantipa, Tanganyika

Airports:107 ( with 10 paved runways )

Roads: 38,763 km ( 6,500 km paved roads )

Railways: 2,173 km

Interception and Censorship
The Zambian government, said it has developed laws that allow people to communicate without government interference. The new Zambian law further allows service providers to deploy any form of technology on their networks that will allow subscribers to have access to services available around the world. Aware that spy laws scare away international telecom investors, Zambian President Rupiah Banda said he is confident that the current ICT reforms would generate national development through the use of ICT.

Airport Taxes
A Departure Tax is levied by authorities on all departures from Zambia airports. The current Domestic Departure Tax is US$8.00 and International Departure Tax is US$20.00. This must be paid by the passenger in USD cash (large heads). Please remember to bring the correct denominations. 

More Country Information from Foreign & Commonwealth Office.