Victoria Falls South

South Victoria Falls
Where to stay: Gorges Lodge, Ilala Lodge , Sprayview Hotel and Victoria Falls Safari Lodge.
Down stream Zambezi River you will find most of the activities on the Zimbabwean side. In the Batoka Gorge the White Water Rafting take place, and you have the most wonderful lodges in this area.  Wild animals from the nearby Matetsi Safari Area are roaming into this part of the Victoria Falls. You can take an elephant back ride, or go for a shopping of excellent carvings along the airport road. Standing on the edge of the gorge, and you will have a fantastic view over the landscape. The lodge operator takes you on a daily trip to the hot pot of Victoria Falls Town. You will therefore not miss out what is going on in the Town, rather be grateful that you prefeered the monumental views or the close encounter with the wildlife, in-front of pumping disco music. The Southern Victoria Falls has got some retreats that you will not find anywhere else. Honeymooners and other distinguished travelers will not regret the scenery of a sunrise at the edge of the Batoka Gorge. It can only be compared with feeling of waking up in the morning at sunrise in the middle of the Grand Canyons. 

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When to go ?
Victoria Falls Is a year around destination.
September - November:  Hot and Dry ; Average 15°C – 30°C  Easy to spot animals.
November - April: Warm and wet, high humidity  Animals might not turn up on the usual places for water.
May - August: Cool and dry ; Average 10°C – 30°C  Easy to spot animals.
In January the water level in
Zambezi begins to raise. And the peak performance of the falls, takes place in mid April.
It is recommended to bring somthing light and warm for the evenings, after a sunny and hot day. Bring also some wet protection for your self and your camera when you enter the tropical area, and the spray. Spray starts building up from January and continues up to May.