Lake Kariba - Zimbabwe

Lake Kariba   (  Zimbabwe )
In 1958 the Kariba dam wall was completed , and a new artificial lake 300 km long, and 32 km at its widest point was created. This lake provides Zimbabwe and Zambia with hydroelectric power. Lake Kariba and Kariba Town are a popular tourist resorts with countless entertainments. It is not unusual that you will come across families of elephants living in the outskirt of the town. For Big Game Fishing , Lake Kariba is internationally famous for the agressive and razor-toothed Tiger fish. A big marina  Popular activities are fishing, water skiing, canoeing and sailing along the shore of the Matusadona National Park. Where most of the animals are coming down to the lake for water. One can safely study the elephants, hippos or the crocodiles from a day cruiser. A beautiful sight is the white headed Fish eagel sweping the water for fish, or resting on a branch from a tree in the water. Kariba Town has a nightclub and casino for gamblers who need some exitement after dark. The best way of exploring the lake is to rent a houseboat for a couple of days. The renting companies knows the places well, and they brings all necessities  that will make your trip unforgettable. On dry land you will also find beautiful lodges, where the buffalo and other grazing animals are coming for visits in the camp. Wast areas of forest was submerged in the water, as the lake slowly expanded to its present size. Big forest areas of teak  trees can still be seen as skeletal branches, stretching up into the sky from the water.