Bulawayo Town                           
Bulawayo is the second largest town in Zimbabwe, with a special colonial history. The town is famous for its museums, industry, agricultur and wildlife. Bulawayo is spacious and sunny, with a highweld climate. Roads are broad and lined up with trees. The colonial Victorian architecture mixed with a contemporary architecture makes the town vibrant and beautiful, with a special appleal. 
Bulawayo is the center of the Ndebele tribe, the second largest tribe in Zimbabwe. With  historical events dated back in the 1900 century when Cecile Rhode and King Lobengula made history. 
Bulawayo has one of the largest museum in the Southern hemisphere, Museum of Natural History. With a collection of 75,000 animals. And the Railway Museum has an outstanding collection of historic Locomotives and rolling stock. Attracting visitors and railway enthusiasts  from the whole world. Only  40 km from the city centre  lies the famous Matops National Park, with its ancient Matopo Hills. A violent geomorphic event formed the mountains into  a dramatical landscape in granite. The mountain is so brooding and mysterius, and Cecil Rhode made it into a National Park. In the mountain visitors study cave paintings made by the Bushmen thousand of years ago.
The people of the Bulawayo has a long history of committments, of wildlife conservations. Worth to visit is Whovi Wild Area a reserve for small game. Intensive Protection Zone ( IPZ ) wherein black rhino are kept separated for protection against poaching. 
Chipangali is an other interesting place for visitors interested in Wildlife. Chipangali is a nursing orphanage for wild animals, which has been abandoned, sick or injured. Chipangali is run as a non-profit organization, much dependant on donations from people inside and outside Zimababwe.  More on Chipangali here.