Desroches  -  Outer Islands                    
Island Group :   Amirantes Group  Population :   19
Distance from Mahé:   230 km  Area :   3.94

Of all the islands in the Amirantes Group, Desroches is the closest to Mahé (230 km southwest) and the only island in the group offering accommodation. This coral island measures 5 km long and 1.5 km wide, boasting 14 km of immaculate beaches that fringe a lush grove of coconut palms interspersed by casuarina trees.

Desroches was named after a former French governor of Mauritius, and like many of Seychelles’ islands, was once a prosperous coconut plantation.
The island and its exclusive Desroches Island Resort are serviced by air from Mahé in a flight-time of approximately 50 minutes, and offers spectacular opportunities for deep sea fishing, fly-fishing and diving.

Bombe Bay Beach
This vast expanse of white sand is on the opposite side of the island to the Desroches Island Resort and can be reached by foot or by bicycle. This is the best beach on the island for swimming during the south-eastern trade wind season, and a wonderful location in which to explore, walk and sunbathe throughout the year.

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