Rodrigues Island

Rodrigues Island                                                  

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Rodrigues Island                                 

Total area:            108 km2
Location:               South-west region of the Indian Ocean, at about 650 km from Mauritius.
Coordinates:        19° 50' S  ;  62° E  
Climate:                 Tropical Summer. 28 °C  to 35°C  ( November to April ). 
                                Risks of cyclones  from January to March. 
                               Winter, 16 °C to 27°C (from June to September).

Highest point:        Mont Limon, 398 m.
Population:            About 38,000 habitants.
Density:                  351 inhabitants / km2
Head of state:        President (Mauritius) , head of government (Mauritius)
Statute:                   Dependence of Mauritius
Religion:                 Christian
Official language:   English
Spoken languages:   Creole, French, English
National Day:        12 March
Flag:                       Mauritius flag, 4 horizontal stripes: red, blue, yellow, green
Time zone:             GMT +3 hour in summer ; GMT +4 hour in winter

How to get there:   By plane, from Mauritius (1h30) or from Réunion Island (2h00). By boat, from
                                Mauritius (36h).
Passport / Visa:    Valid passport and return ticket are necessary for all visitors.
Vaccinations:        No vaccination is required.
Money:                   Mauritian Rupee  ;  1 Euro = 32 RS  ;  1 £ = 45 RS

Voltage:                 220 volts

Accomodation:      Hotel, flat, villa or guesthouse.
Food:                      Creole food.
Shopping :             Chilli, spices, honey and local handicraft: baskets, hats, etc.
Newspaper:           French weekly: "Le Vrai Rodriguais" and "La voix du Peuple".

Nightlife:   There is not much nightlife. Restaurants and discotheques in Port Mathurin, Anse aux Anglais or Baie aux Huitres. Performances of traditional music and dancing in hotels.