North-Western Region

North-Western Region  --  Ancestral land for the Himba nomadic tribe.
To the north-west of Etosha lies the arid, but scenic Kaokoveld a mosaic of sandy plains, rugged mountains and rock-strewn hillsides, bounded in the north by the Kunene River. Kaokoland has been the ancestral home of the pastoral Himba for several generations and they still largely pursue their nomadic way of life.

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Desert Elephant and Angling
Heards of Desert Elephants migrate along river valleys that are also inhabitedby Giraffe, while herda of Gemsbok and Springbok roams the plains.
Bounded by the cold Atlantic Oceanin the west, the Skeleton Coast has aptly  been described as the World´s shipping grave-yard. It is an isolated stretch of coast dominated by sand dunes, gravel plains,salt pans and hills. Its main attractions are solitude and excellent angling opportunities. Facilities for visitors are available at Torra Bay ( open only during December- January ) and Terrace Bay. 
Among the many other attractions west of Khorixas are the Petrified Forest and Twyfelfontein with its superb collection of over 2,400 rock engravings. Nearby are the Burnt Mountain  and the Organ Pipes, a series of angular columns of dolerite exposed in a dry river bed. Also of interest are the 80 km long Ugab Terraces and the Vingerklip, a 35 meter high pillar of conglomerate.