Victoria Falls Up Stream

Victoria Falls Up Stream
Travelling up stream Zambezi River from Victoria Falls, can be done both on the Zimbabwean side, or the Zambian side. On the Zimbabwean side most of the land is covered by Matetsi Safari Area and Zambezi National Park. You will meet lots of elephants crossing the road, on their way to Zambezi River. The Zambian route is going through farming land and prehistoric grounds. Archeologists have found tools for hunting, and evidence of new hunting technique, signs of culture expression, like burial of dead, body decoration and rock painting. All the evidence have been dated back to the middle stone age ( 250,000 to 45,000 years ago ), at the same time as the Homo Sapiens developed. Zambezi River became a front line between the migrating pastoralists, the Bantu people from the North, and the hunter-gathers San people living in the South. Today the black people in Zimbabwe often are claiming they were the first settlers in Zimbabwe, and the land was stole from them. However the first people to live in Zimbabwe according to the scientific research were the San tribe. They were pushed back by the Ngoni tribe from the north-east of Zimbabwe.  The Ngoni tribe is a relative to the Zulu tribe, in today´s Kwa ZuluNatal in South Africa. They were known for being brave warriors.
Besides this historic events, the northern route has got some of the best lodges in Africa. Most famous is the honeymoon sweet on the river bank, with an undisturbed view over the Mighty Zambezi River.

More Information

Zambezi River and Victoria Falls.
Scientists believes the Victoria Falls was created 15 million years ago. Prior to this the Zambezi River did flow in a southern direction through Botswana, and linked up with Limpopo River. A geological upheaval changed the direction to what it is today. And now the river is connected with the Lower Zambezi, flowing in a eastern direction out in the Indian Ocean.

When to go ?
Victoria Falls Is a year around destination.
September - November:  Hot and Dry ; Average 15°C – 30°C  Easy to spot animals.
November - AprilWarm and wet, high humidity  Animals might not turn up on the usual places for water.
May -
August: Cool and dry ; Average 10°C – 30°C  Easy to spot animals.
In January the water level in
Zambezi begins to raise. And the peak performance of the falls, takes place in mid April.
It is recommended to bring somthing light and warm for the evenings, after a sunny and hot day. Bring also some wet protection for your self and your camera when you enter the tropical area, and the spray. Spray starts building up from January and continues up to May.