Lusaka ( Capital )

Lusaka  -  the Capital of Zambia                           
Lusaka is the capital and largest city of Zambia. The two main languages spoken in Lusaka are English and Nyanja. It is located in the southern part of the central plateau of the country, at an elevation of 1279 m. It has a population of 3,100,000 (2007 estimate). It is a commercial centre as well as centre of government, and the four main highways of Zambia radiate north, south, east and west from it.

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By plane

Lusaka is reasonably well-served by flights from Johannesburg, Nairobi, Lilongwe, Addis Ababa, and London. British Airways is the main intercontinental carrier that flies to Lusaka from Europe, with direct flights from London three times a week. South African Airways fly to Lusaka from Johannesburg with multiple flights per day, and Kenya Airways from Nairobi and Ethiopian Airlines from Addis fly daily.(However, in Johannesburg the airlines have no control over baggage in transit and the airport's baggage concessionnaire is exempt from responsibility by contract, so lost baggage can be an issue.) Various other African airlines serve Lusaka. In December 1994, Zambia Airways went into liquidation, and Zambian Airways (former Mine Air Services) ceased operation in early 2009. Zambezi Airlines is a new Zambian based airline, with regularly scheduled, dependable, inexpensive flights to Johannesburg and Dar es Salaam, with Pro-flight as their domestic partner. Pro-Flight traditionally has specialized in serving tourist game lodges rather than trunk intercity flights, though this seems to be changing with the new agreement with Zambezi Airlines.

International airlines that are represented in Lusaka include
Air Angola - Air Botswana - Air France - Air India - Air Malawi - Air Tanzania - Air Zimbabwe - British Airways - Kenya Airways/KLM - South African Airways - Zambezi Airlines.

For domestic flights, there are various airlines, indluding
Airwaves, Avocet Air Charters, Stabo Air Charters, Staravia and Ngwazi Air Charters .

Lusaka International Airport (LUN) is well-signposted and is situated 25km from the centre, off the Great East Road.

By road
Since it is the commercial center and governmental seat of Zambia, all the arterial roads lead to Lusaka. Buses run between Livingstone and Kitwe. Operators of this route regularly change, so ask locally before you travel. Currently, Euro-Africa Coaches is the most reliable option.

Buses For buses within Zambia, to and from Lusaka, Mazhandu Family Bus Service is widely considered to be the best, most reliable line, by both locals and expatriates. Buses leave from Inter-City terminal, near downtown Lusaka. Prices may be slightly higher than the competitors, but they always run true to schedule, have a large fleet of buses with extras to be called into service in case of a break down, make stops at well-lit areas with decent bathrooms, tag your bags for you, and have courteous bus attendants. The owner is almost always around, making sure everything goes smoothly.

There are 7 buses a day between Lusaka and Livingstone, including the overnight bus. Several buses are "business class" with wider seats and greater legroom for Kwacha 10,000 more.

By train
Few travellers use Zambia's ordinary trains for transport, but if you have a lot of patience, try them. Lines like Lusaka with Livingstone and the Copperbelt in the north. Express trains to Livingstone leave at 19.30 every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and take about 12 hours. Slower trains, which stop even more frequently, leave every morning.

Get around
Minibuses are ubiquitous, cheap, and fast. For under a dollar, you can get almost anywhere in the city. The problem, is that bus routes are not posted, and a novice is likely to get lost. Do not be afraid to ask a conductor where he's headed.

For the uninitiated, then, a taxi might be a better option, at least initially. There are no meters in Zambia's taxis, so prices are somewhat negotiable but always on the high side for Africa. Be sure to set a price before getting in the cab. (Tip: Ask at a hotel lobby how much your trip should cost. If the cab driver states a higher price, mention that you're happy to ride a mini-bus. Watch the price drop. )

Take down a taxi driver's mobile number, most will be happy to do an all day deal, wait for you while you explore, pick you up early or late and take you to and from the airport.