Semliki Wildlife Reserve

Semliki Wildlife Reserve                              
Semliki Wildlife Reserve covers an area of 500 km2. Formerly called the Toro Game Reserve, this large reserve abutting Lake Albert and the northern base of the Rwenzoris is a rich mosaic of grassland, savannah, forest and wetland habitats.The fauna is correspondingly diverse; Uganda kob is the commonest large mammal, but there are also forest elephant, chimpanzees, buffalo, leopard and various monkeys and antelope. Of the 400 bird species recorded, the shoebill stork is regularly seen at close quarters on Lake Albert.

More Information

Semliki Wildlife Reserve                           
Where to stay ?
There is an excellent upmarket lodge in the area, but no other accommodations are available.

Getting there
Follow the road towards Semliki National Park for 30km, then take a right turn which after about 35km leads to the lodge.

What to do ? 
Game drives, guided walks and boat trips on Lake Albert can be arranged from the lodge.

When to visit ?
Any time of year.