Namaqua National Park

Namaqua National Park             
The park was established in 1998 when SANParks took over management of the 900 ha Skilpad Wildflower Reserve. Since then the park has expanded to 120,000 ha, with more land to be added in the next few years.

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Namaqua National Park                          
As if by magic a tapestry of brilliant colours unfold enticingly along the winding roads of the Namaqua National Park. Butterflies, birds and long-tongued flies dart around among the flowers, seemingly overwhelmed by the abundance and diversity. Every turn in the road paints an unforgettable picture: valleys filled with Namaqualand daisies and other spring flowers that pulse with sheer energy and joy. Next to some eye-catching succulents, a porcupine and a tall aloe pay witness to a baboon overturning a rock and pouncing on a scorpion. During early August and September, seemingly overnight, the dusty valleys of Namaqualand are transformed into a wonderland, carpeted with wildflowers. With its winter rainfall, Namaqualand is home to the richest bulb flora of any arid region in the world and more than a 1 000 of its estimated 3 500 plant species are found nowhere else on earth.

Escape to the land of contrasts, where the rigorous climate has created a myriad of life forms superbly adapted to their specific habitat. Fields of flowers, star studded nights, quiver trees, enormous granite outcrops and the icy Atlantic are but a few wonders that await the visitor to what is truly the Creators’ playground.

Special features
Carpets of flower ( in Season ), Quiver trees, Klipspringer, Black Harrier, Quartz Patches.

Wildlife; African wild cat, Aadwolf, Steenbuck, Cape Fox, Common ( grey ) Duiker, Small-spotted Genet, Aardvark.
Birds; Cinnamon-breasted Warbler, Cape Long-billed Lark, Karoo Lark, Black-headed Canary, Cape Bulbul, Black Harriers.
Plants / Trees; Crassula, Adromischus, Pelargonium, Stapeliands, Cotyledon. 

Picnic sites, Circular drive ( 5 km ) with viewpoints during the spring flowering season, Several short nature trails.

How to get there
It is situated some 495 km from Cape Town off the N7 route to Namibia, and 67 km from the town of Springbok in the north. The nearest town is Kamieskroon, which is some 22 km from the reserve and park offices.

A new rest camp viewing magnificent vistas has been established.

Skilpad Rest Camp

4 chalet, each with a 2 single beds in the bedroom.
a dining area on the enclosed veranda.
Indoor fireplace.
Outside braai area.
The units come equipped with ceiling fans and 220 V electricity. One unit has been adapted for use by guests with challenged mobility.
The kitchen is fully equipped with crockery and cutlery, cooking utensils, glassware, a 4-plate stove, microwave, fridge / freezer combo, kettle and toaster.

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