Sea Shell & Sea Pearl
Blending the rustic charm of traditional sailing with comfortable accommodation and modern amenities, S.V. Sea Shell and S.V. Sea Pearl represent a platform of adventure, discovery and relaxation across the islands of Seychelles. Imbued with their own special histories, these vessels preserve their elegant testimonies of the past while offering a distinctive experience for today’s modern traveller.
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Sea Star & Sea Bird
All the best elements of a Seychelles holiday are easily within reach with the sailing yachts Sea Star and Sea Bird. These modern, spacious vessels combine the best of both worlds in a Seychelles holiday – total immersion in the raw beauty of the archipelago and its natural splendour, together with the grace and elegance of a yachting experience.
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MV Maya's Dugong
The Ocean Odysseys portfolio of expedition cruises has been specifically designed for this small niche of travel pioneers. Operated by Silhouette Cruises, one of the most recognised names in live-aboard cruising in the Seychelles, Ocean Odysseys travel programmes are hosted aboard the oceanographic vessel MV Maya's Dugong, an ideal hybrid vessel sturdy enough to autonomously reach the far corners of the globe, while backed by more than a decade of experience in the tourism and hospitality industry.
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