African Safari Guru

African Safari Guru is a small tour operating company that concentrates mainly on private or small groups of 2-20 guests, where we are dedicated to personalised experience where no client becomes another number. We yearn to share our passion and enthusiasm of the fauna flora, ecosystem, topography of the landscapes and wildlife with our tourist and to provide the guests with a fun filled experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Licenced Guides
We strive on personal service to travelling parties at competitive rates. I and the guides that are registered with African Safari Guru hold full guide qualifications, legislated by South Africa.  

Safari and Tour Packages
We pride ourselves in excellence with:
-   We do care about the childrens safety on the road.( let us know if you need child safety seats )
-   Safari adventures,
-   Tiger fishing (conventional or fly-fishing),
-   Hot air ballooning,
-   Elephant back safari,
-   White river rafting,
-   Over landing
-   Shuttles and transfers in Comfy air conditioned Mercedes Benz, 7seated vehicles throughout South Africa
-   We can also tailor make a dream holiday to your delight which will suite your needs and pocket.

Golf Tours 
Want to experience a golf vacation like no other in South Africa?
Africa Safari Guru, a leading golf tour and safari's operator, offers five star tailor-made tours to South Africa. Discounts are being offered exclusively to groups of 12 and more members. Africa Safari Guru has created the most unique and diverse golfing experience available anywhere in the world. The country is known for its rugged natural beauty, magnificent wildlife, great weather,diverse cultures, spectacular golf courses and exceptional value.

We have prescribed itineraries, but also allow you the freedom to choose: whether you want to play three courses or six, stay one week or three, the choice is yours. Africa Safari incorporates all the different elements that make a South African golf vacation such a memorable trip.

Ourwide variety of top class courses ensures that whatever time of the year you choose to join us; we would be able to ensure that the course, the surroundings and the quality of your experience will be supreme.

Click on the drop down menue below, Itineraries.

Ethical- and Eco Travelling

There are at least three good reasons why you should come with us.

1. Ethical tourism is one of the cornerstones of our company. African Safari Guru is committed to travel that provides exciting opportunities for our guests while enriching lives and protecting habitats in South Africa. These programs allow our guest’s exclusive entry onto tribal lands while giving local people local control over the way tourism is introduced and the way dollars earned are used. Our programs open up rare opportunities for in-depth exchanges between traditional African cultures.

2. We offer responsible tourism by giving back to the African wildlife for the future of their status and children, grandchildren... through the contribution of 5 percent to help forming the foundation of many rehabilitated wildlife species that have been injured purely from human interference and the research of endangered wildlife. The costs are high in running this non-profitable organization so please be so kind to help out.

3. Education is one of the cornerstones of African Safari Guru. On our safaris, you learn by going. It is a highly entertaining process of deepening discovery that we call Natural Learning and it's an integral part of every one of our safaris. As our guides teach you to spot and identify game and track animals, you begin to see with new eyes. You become more curious and observant about animal behaviours, and you begin to understand how all the pieces of the ecosystem fit together.  At African Safari Guru we want you to come away with a deeper understanding of an astonishing landscape. 

Wildlife Eco Trust
African Safari Guru will be donating 5% of each tour sold to a worthy cause through a charitable organization. The contribution goes towards catering for basic needs for the needy like of buying medicines, research, rehabilitating and food plus making it possible for these injured mammals, birds to recover and shelter them at the same time. The centres are distributed throughout Africa. Names to come by are: Wildlife rehabilitation centres based up in Limpopo^.

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About Us

Hi .. My name is Matthew Grace

I have been a nature lover from the age of a little boy where my interest have always been with outdoor activities or busy in the veldt studying from the smallest ant to the largest mammal, the elephant! You would never find me house bound and this is why I have such a good tan today.
I opted to studying Game Ranging and Lodge Management in 2005 to achieve a diploma in the industry. Before and between this time I also did a lot of volunteer work in the bush for the experience and gaining more knowledge as I am a very passionate and enthusiastic person always willing to learn more about nature and its ways.

After finishing my diploma I moved up to Limpopo side to broaden my knowledge and gain more experience in the bush and do what I love best “Nature Conservation” and “Field Guiding”. After +- 6 years down the line, I had enough experience and knowledge to decide on opening my own Tour Operating Business after the arrival of my new born son and headed east of Johannesburg and 10 min from OR Tambo Int. Airport where I am now based as a Tour Operating Business.
I am a 31 year old male now and officially started up my business last year Feb 2009 and have built it up slowly to find my way around the rights and the wrongs and how to run the show in an orderly fashion. Being a genuine gentleman and having worked in 5 star lodges out in the bush as well as working with tourist and locals from all cornerstones of South Africa and the world, I desire to share my passion as a nature lover to our locals and visitors of all ages. I have also devoted myself to do extra with rehabilitation centres part time and giving back to nature for what it has done for me and made me today.

 I recommend our services and honesty to potential clients as an experienced guide with experienced freelance guides willing to share our passion and people person skills!

Terms & Conditions


These Terms & Conditions will automatically be in force from the time a Client sends an Enquiry to a Service Provider.

Terms & Conditions below will only be applicable, between the Service Provider and the Client, when a Service Provider is asking for payments in advance. Payment on arrival will not follow the procedures below.

Disclaimer only facilitates communication between the Service Provider and the Client. No other responsibilities for payments or services will be accepted by Africa.Rec AB ( Ltd ) and, or affiliated domain names.

Message Box
Messages sent between a Client and a Service Provider will be recorded and printable on We encourage all Clients and Service Providers to use this Message service. When you like to communicate any changes in your plan or make a cancellation of your tour, please make it in the Message Box. If you have missed a deadline, use the Message Box, there might still be a solution to the problem. We also recommend the Client to use the message service, when updating the Service Provider about payments. The message service is a fast way to communicate as it instantly triggers an alert mail on the other side.

The Cancellation Fee for a paid or partly paid booking, can be quite high. Clients are therefore encouraged to get a travel insurance, which covers the Cancellations Fees.


Reservation Time, the number of days a reservation is valid, without a confirmation payment.
Payment Plan, when the confirmation payment is done, the Reservation Time expires and the Cancellation Policy will be in force.
Service Accepted, when the service has been accepted on the offer form provided by
Service Date, the planned date for the service to be delivered to the Client.

2.1 Reservations Time
The time your Service Provider will keep your reservation alive, without any confirmation payment.

- 30 days of reservation, when the service is accepted more than 121 days before Service date.
- 21 days of reservation, when the service is accepted between 91 days and 120 days before service date.
- 14 days of reservation, when the service is accepted between 61 days and 90 days, before the service date.
- 7 days of reservation, when the service is accepted 60 days or less, before the service date.

Please Note.
Please, let us know as soon as possible, if your accepted booking does not work all the way. Best way of doing this is to send a message to us from your Service Account, which will be recorded.

2.2 Payment Plan
Within the Reservation Time, a Confirmation Payment must be done. Once the confirmation payment is done the Payment Plan will apply together with the Cancellation Policy.

- 20 % of the total booking value, is payable within 7 days. This payment will be a confirmation of the reservation.
- 50 % of the total booking value, is payable before 120 days
- 100 % of the total booking value, is payable by latest 90 days remains to the Service Date.

Date of Payment
Date of payment is the same date as the Client instruct the Bank to make a transfer, or the date for faxing the Authorization Form with all attached copies of Passports and Credit Card.
As it may take a few days before the Service Provider will be able to confirm the Clients bank Transfer, the Client is advised to use the Message Box and give all the payments details to the Service Provider.

Full Payment and BankCharges
It is a common standard in the Safari industry, that full payments has to be made before the Final Confirmation of the booking can be made. Bank transfer of payments normally carries bank charges. The Client has to make sure, these charges does not reduce the full payments.

To be on the safe side, it is recommendable that full payment is made to the Service Provider from the start.


Remember the Cancellation Policy will be in force from that moment when the Client has confirmed the booking with a confirmation payment ( or deposit ).
All cancellations has to be made in writing ( use the Message Box , as you will have it on record later on ).

Insurance Coverage
The Cancellation Fee for a paid or partly paid booking, can be quite high. Clients are therefore encouraged to get a travel insurance, which covers the Cancellations Fees.

3.1 Cancellations Fees
Written cancellations made;

- 61 days or more before the Service Date, carries a cancellation fee of 20 % of the booking value ( the confirmation payment ).
- 31 – 60 days before Service date, carries a cancellation fee of 50 % of the booking value.
- 30 days or less before Service date, carries a cancellation fee of 100 % of the booking value.

Bank charges
When a refund is made to the Client, it carries bank charges. The refunded balance will be deducted with the bank charges.

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Take advantage of this enquiry system and planning tool.

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  • Enquiries will be listed and matched with the offers.
  • You can negotiate or tailor made your itineraries.
  • You will improve your overall control of the planning process, and the progress of your plan.
  • Admin workload is minimized.
  • All rates and add on's will be documented and printable.
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  • Payment instruction will be included in the print out.
  • In case of a dispute, the print out will serve as an agreement.

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